15 September 2014


By John Ollis

I don’t totally know the answer to the question, but there are so many signs these days, that would suggest we are getting close to the end. Billy Graham and his son Franklin both feel we are getting close.
As a younger man, I was committed to school of teaching regarding these things. There have literally been tens of millions of words written about end times,  all promoting a certain school, all based on their particular interpretation of the scriptures. I have decided this is my position.
1. Keep an eye on all that is happening in the world including what is happening with Israel.
2. Live as if Jesus could come today
3. Make sure I am ready in my heart for the Lord’s return
4, Be busy serving the Lord
What is happening between Ukraine and Russia could very well contain  the seeds of the Battle of Gog and Magog.
What stirred my heart to write this blog is the announcement of a coalition of 10 Arab nations, plus 30 other nations to work together to deal with the Islamic State.
Sometime ago, a friend  brought to my attention Isaiah 17.1 The burden against Damascus. behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, and it will be a ruinous heap.  Isaiah is prophesying that this 3000 years plus city is going to be destroyed. Whether it happens in this coming invasion I sure don’t know, but the coalition of nations is another sign Jesus is coming soon.
May I encourage you to look at the 4 decisions I have made, and consider making them the platform for your life from now on.
I have often quoted 1 John 3.3 He that has this hope (of Chris’s soon return) keep himself pure. That alone is a great incentive to walk closer with the Lord.
It maybe will not want an undertaker, but could be seeing the “uppertaker’ as we meet Jesus in the air. What an exciting prospect that is.
Have a fantastic day, please comment on the above.