6 October 2014


By John Ollis

I wrote last Thursday to say the knee replacement surgery was a complete success. The surgeon also took aspirations from the wound to create cultures. Friday, the preliminary report was clear, and totally negative, Sunday night the final report on cultures  have come through and I continue to be infection free praise the Lord.
The only negative to the surgery is that when the prosthesis was inserted it caused a hair line fracture of my tibia, so for the next 5+ weeks I can only lightly weight bear (50-60%)  this is a disappointment, but the Lord is not surprised as “All thlngs work together for good  to them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose” Rom.8.28 So I thought i was graduating from this School if the Spirit sooner, but I bow to the Sovereignty of God.
The surgeon will visit early this afternoon,  or tonight when i expect he will agree to my discharge. So I have been in here now for 63 days, it would be nice to be in my own bed tonight, but I am in the Lord’s hands.
Thank you for your prayers, please don’t stop yet.
Much love to you all in Jesus name.