19 October 2014


By John Ollis

Over three weeks ago, I wrote a blog entitled, “Going to the next level”. Today’s blog is a further development on that blog. There are some preachers and believers, that  think going to the next level, is a walk in the park, like walking from one room to another, but there is a process, that we must recognise, and embrace, and endure through it. It is God’s plan and purpose for us to have many next level experiences,  like a weight builder, he starts at a certain weight to life, but through practice and endurance those weights are increased.
God has declared us to be righteous, but that positional righteousness must become experiential righteousness and He does this by testing us, we must recognise the process, we must develop endurance, we must recognise it is the Sovereign Lord that is putting us through the test (and not the enemy), so that His command “Be ye Holy even as i am holy” can be fulfilled in our life.
We will look again at some verses in Psalm 66 to explain the process.
In verse 10 The Psalmist reminds us that God tests us, like a Silversmith refines silver.
Job in 23.10 uses the same illustration in relation to gold
Malachi in 3.2 describes God as a Refiner’s fire.
The writer to Hebrews says in 10.29 Our God is a consuming fire.
Do you know how precious metals are refined and purified ?
The metal is put in a vat and heat is applied, this causes the impurities (the rubbish) to come to the surface, The Smith then takes a Muck Rake and scoops of the muck, then applies more heat, and more muck comes to the surface, again the muck rake is uses, and this process continues until there are no more impurities. The Smith knows he is finished when he can see his face reflected in the metal. Paul says in 2.Cor.3.18 the more we go through this process we are are being transformed (changed) into God’s image. God plan is to make us like Jesus.
So there is a cost, Jesus says in Luke 14:27-28 we must carry our cross if we are to be His disciple, and like a builder who wants to build a tower we must sit down and count the cost.
My biggest problem is me, it is so easy to become slack and lazy and passive, i know I am saved, I know I am going to heaven, but I know there is so much more, i am not truly satisfied. I am so glad the Apostle John says we have not because we ask not, so daily i ask the Lord for His grace, His strength, to be able to endure His refiner’s fire,
I want to be more like Jesus   do you ????
I have quoted many scripture verses, as I want you to be convinced from the Word of God, that this teaching is God’s plan for every believer., There will be at least 3 blogs on this essential teaching.
I would appreciate your comments regarding this.