23 November 2014


By John Ollis

So much has happened in the last few weeks, I need to give you an update. I was  discharged from hospital on Tuesday 7th October following treatment to remove the staph infection and have  new knee replacement. I was doing extremely well, and following my shower on Friday 24th I had a fall, and had to be taken by ambulance to our local emergency dept. I had disclocated my left arm, and broken my Tibia. I had a plate put in my leg on Sunday following, and the next day transported to my Private hospital where on the Wednesday I had 2 screws put in my arm as it continued to slip out.
I remained there for 2 weeks, and then transferred back to the public hospital for more intensive Rehab.  Just last Friday 21st I was discharged and returned home. I cannot weight bear on my leg and need to use a “gutter frame”. Everything is going well, and i see my surgeon on Monday 1st December, it will be 6 weeks since the leg surgery on Sunday 7th December, and i trust he will permit me to start weight bearing and move onto the arm crutches, and then to a walking stick and then NOTHING.
We want to drive to Sydney and spend Christmas with our family, and i want to be able to share the driving  with Margaret.
I have written much on the Sovereignty of God, and I confirm afresh that God is in control, but we can’t help but ask why things happen right ?
So, will you pray with me regarding these things:
The bones heal quickly and well
That I can move to the arm crutches soon
That i am able to drive
Thank you for your constant support and prayers.