20 January 2015


By John Ollis

In my last update a month ago, I mentioned we only got part of the way to Sydney, because of tiredness and exhaustion so we turned around and slowly came home.
The tiredness concerned me so i asked my G.P. if he would order blood tests for me, the result is I am low in Iron and Haemaglobin  he prescribed iron tablets for me and already my energy levels have begun to improve. I also had some concern  regarding my knee that had been operated on  over 3 months ago was progressing very slowly. An X Ray has indicated my   knee cap is not sitting correctly. No surgery is envisaged in the near future, so I have begun wearing a knee support. I am not particularly aware that it is helping yet, but I sincerely hope so.
As a result of the increased energy levels we feel we can organise a holiday and go on and visit our children in Sydney. We will leave here on Friday 30th January.
Your prayer support  has been such a blessing to me, and I thank you again for it, please continue, as I am starting to consider teaching in Indonesia and Singapore in mid May thru to early June.
Please believe with me, that our holiday will go well, and on our return we can finalise the teaching ministry in S.E. Asia.
Thank you again.