6 April 2015


By John Ollis

My heart has been really stirred since reading Stephen Olford’s statement regarding  revival and prayer. I will quote it again here.
It is my conviction that we are never going to have revival until God has brought the Church to the point of desperation.
We see the moral decline everywhere, the passivity in the Church, the rising up of Islam, and nothing really stirs us, yes, we say tut tut, but nothing changes.
So, that is where we start this morning, let us start praying and keep on praying:
Lord make us desperate.
Give us a fresh revelation of the power of prayer and Intercession.
Let us know afresh we have an authority against the evil one.
Will you turn with me to Psalm 143 and read how King David cried out to God.

  1. A Broken heart. Vv.1-4
  1. We need a spirit of repentance
  2. We need to take the blame for what is happening in our world.
  3. We need to offer the Sacrifice of a broken and contrite heart Ps. 51
  1. A Thirsty heart v.6
  1. We need to pray “Lord make me thirsty”
  2. We need to be like the deer Ps. 42.1 we need to pant, until we are satisfied.
  1. A Desperate heart
  1. We are not desperate, but God can and will make us desperate if we ask.
  2. Could we come to the place where we pray, Lord give me…………..
  3. Or I die.
  1. A Listening heart v.8a
  1. We need healing for our deafness
  2. We need the wax removed from our spiritual ears
  3. We need to learn to discern the lord’s voice and shut out all the other voices.
  1. An Intelligent heart v.8b
  1. Not gullible
  2. Not foolish
  3. But consciously believing God’s Word
  1. A Trusting heart v.9
  1. God’s promises are Yes and Amen, He will bring revival
  1. A Teachable heart v.10a
  1. We don’t know it all
  2. Confess, our areas of ignorance
  1. A Submissive heart v.10b
  1. Re-affirm he is the Lord
  2. Declare “not my will but thine be done”
  1. A Zealous heart v.11
  1. Confess our passivity
  2. Declare you want to be consumed with a passion for God’s House.
  1. An Obedient heart v.12
  1. Keeping on trusting when nothing is happening
  2. Being thankful in anticipation of the coming revival

The above is not just a good sermon outline that I have prepared Preachers  but the cry of my heart for revival in our generation.
Jesus (and His Word) is the same yesterday, today and forever. Let us start:

  1. To develop the heart we see in David’s prayer
  2. Let us start believing God’s Word
  3. Let us start co-operating with God
  4. Let our confession line up with the Word of God
  5. Let us start doing our part to see revival come to our church and our town.

Does this teaching echo with your heart? Can we covenant together an fulfil the purpose of God in our generation. If you are willing to do this, let me know please ?