28 April 2015


By John Ollis

Every day we use keys whether it is lock or unlock our house or car for example. We know the well known story in Matthew 16:13-19. Where Jesus asked the disciples what do the people say about me, who do they think I am? The disciples replied and listed numerous Old Testament prophets. Then Jesus asked the real question, that we need to answer. “Who do you say that I am” Peter received a revelation and responded “You are the Christ the son of the living God”. We can never become a born again Christian until we see Jesus as the Son of God and the saviour of the world.
On Peter’s response Jesus gave Peter a commission and the tools needed to bring the good news to the world. He, of course had numerous struggles and backsliding and even denial of the Lord until after the resurrection where he repented of his sins, and Jesus breathed on the disciples and said “receive the Holy Spirit”. Then after the ascension of Christ Peter with the other believers prayed in Jerusalem in the upper room for 10 days. Then “suddenly” at that awesome moment of total surrender the Holy Spirit which Jesus had breathed on the disciples filled their whole being and they began to speak in unknown tongues.
Immediately revival broke out in Jerusalem, and after Peter’s first Pentecostal sermon 3000 were born again, the number soon increased to 5000. The religious leaders of the day were outraged, and they confronted Peter and John who they considered uneducated, untrained men, but they took note “they had been with Jesus”. They commanded Peter and John that they must nor teach and speak “in the name of Jesus”. Their response was “how can we deny the things we have seen and heard”. So they forced to release them, and they immediately went to the other believers. I think Peter began to think afresh about the words of Jesus to Him about the “Keys of the Kingdom”. Jesus had probably spent quite some time teaching the disciples on what the keys were. Remember that if everything Jesus said and did had been recorded there would be insufficient books to contain  all those things. John 21:25
Turn with me to Acts 4: 23-31, I believe we find many of the keys of the kingdom here.

  • UNITY, verse 24, Just as in Acts 2, they were in “one accord” remember in Ps. 133 where God’s people are in unity “God commands the blessing. We must work hard at maintaining unity with each other and of course with the Lord.
  • PRAYER. They knew the power of prayer, and they sought the Lord with all their hearts. Do we want revival? we must learn to wrestle with God in prayer both:
  • Personally, let us determine to develop that intimacy with God.
  • Corporately. Does your church have a prayer meeting? It is not part of many  churches these days. Prayer really does change things.
  • They actually prayed out the Word of God verses 25-26. When you pray using the Word of God you know you are praying in the will of God.
  • It will become prayer that shakes the place up, verse 31
  1. THE WORD OF GOD. The disciples didn’t have the New Testament only the Old, but the Holy Spirit had made it alive to them. We must :
  1. Systematically read the Word of God and find it to be:
  1. A place of cleansing  Eph. 6:26
  2. A mirror James 1;22-25
  3. Food to make us grow
  4. Gold to make us rich
  5. God’s G.P.S. (roadmap).
  1. We must study the Word of God
  2. We must meditate in the Word of God until it becomes a personal Rhema word and a sword in our hand.
  3. Those who preach the Word, must do it with BOLDNESS v.29 & 31.
  1. SIGNS AND WONDERS Mark 16:20 tells us that the Lord confirmed the Word with signs and wonders. God is still in the miracle working business, He is still Jehovah Rapha (The Lord our healer) Mark 16:17 says we must BELIEVE, and these signs will follow.
  2. THE NAME OF JESUS This is the key to all we do, we do not work for a denomination or any human authority, we have been given “Power of Attorney” from the Lord to use the name of Jesus. The devil hates that name, demons are cast out in that name, the deaf and blind are healed, the dead are raised ALL IN THE NAME OF JESUS. Let us use that Name to unlock the Kingdom of God to our world.
  3. BEING CONTINUALLY FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT verse 31. These are the same disciples who were filled with the Spirit in Acts 2:4, but I believe Jesus taught them that they must live the overflowing life. It was surrender that brought people into the Spirit filled life, and it is continuous surrender that will keep a person continually filled. As you reaffirm Christ’s Lordship over your life, expect the Holy Spirit t freshly “fill the house”. Paul commands us in Eph. 5:18 we must be continuously filled. Sadly too many Charismatics and Pentecostals treat their experience as the goal when it is but the gateway and daily we must let the Holy Spirit fill the house.

I am not saying these are the only keys of the Kingdom, as I can almost hear people saying what’s the big deal, we know these things. BUT, are we truly using them, keys sitting in our pocket will not open a door. May the Holy Spirit enlarge our understanding so we are truly using them. The early church used them and it produced continuous revival for many years.
There is a principle in the Old Testament that continues through the New Testament until now it is this. Just as God said to Moses and King David to “build according to the pattern I have given you” in obedience they did, and the glory of God came.
So, if we “build according to the pattern” using the keys of the Kingdom we can anticipate seeing in ever increasing dimension the glory o God on our lives and in the Church.
I trust you haven’t given up, and are just holding on until Jesus returns, but seeking to build, for you will see His glory.
Do you agree ??? Please write and share your thoughts with me. God bless you.