5 May 2015


By John Ollis

In 1 Peter 2:5 the Apostle Peter tells we are as New Covenant believers are priests. There are two aspects of truth I want to share with you today.
Firstly, since the Reformation especially, believers came to see the truth of the “Priesthood of all believers”  this is an awesome truth, that we do not need a mediator but can come straight in the presence of God, as this is part of our glorious inheritance as Children of God. Sadly, some go a step further and really misinterpret the truth, they say, as we are all priests therefore we are all  equal in the Body of Christ, this part is correct, but we are not equal in FUNCTION, God has set authorities and Leaders in the Body of Christ, and we need to respond to their leadership and vision.
Now, what does Peter tell us is our particular function as believers, WE ARE TO OFFER SPIRITUAL SACRIFICES ACCEPTABLE TO GOD THROUGH JESUS CHRIST.
Old Testament priests offered animal sacrifices, but when Jesus came and became the ultimate sacrifice for sin, we are now to offer spiritual sacrifices. There are at least 7 I have found in the Scriptures, let us look at them one by one.

  1. Psalm 117:7 THE SACRIFICE OF THANKSGIVING,  when it is not easy to say thank you, when your world seems to be falling apart, Paul tells us “in EVERYTHING  give thanks” We so often complain about the weather, and so many other things. WE must develop an “attitude of gratitude, and “give thanks with a grateful heart”.
  2. Hebrews 15:15 THE SACRIFICE OF PRAISE, when God seems far away, when you feel under attack, He is always worthy of our praise, where would we  be today but for His love and goodness and grace. Let us count our blessings.
  3. Psalm 51:17 THE SACRIFICE OF A BROKEN AND CONTRITE HEART, when it is not easy to say “I am sorry” King David realised this was the sacrifice he had to make when the Prophet Nathan challenged him because of his adultery and murder. We must not run and hide, but bow to the sovereign will of God and confess and repent if we have failed the Lord.
  4. Psalm 27:6 THE SACRIFICE OF JOY (OR SHOUTINGS)  When you feel there is nothing to shout and get excited about, think about all the Lord has done for you, we get excited about our sporting team, the team fades into total insignificance when you contemplate all the Lord means to you. Let us shout our praises from the rooftop, OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD. Happiness is external but “the joy of the Lord is our strength” not just an emotion, but an expression of a relationship.
  5. Psalm 4:5THE SACRIFICE OF RIGEOUSNESS NKJV, THE Message Bible expresses it this way, “Keep your mouth shut, let your heart do the talking, build you case before God, and wait for His verdict”. Simply, when someone says or does something that is wrong and hurtful to you, instead of reacting unrighteously, respond lovingly, and let the Lord vindicate you, in His way and time. Remember really we  have NO RIGHTS.
  6. 1 Timothy 2:8 THE SACRIFICE OF THE RAISING OF HANDS. Some people think this is a Pentecostal or Charismatic practice, Kind David was doing it thousands of years ago. Even though for many it is a sacrifice it is:
  1. It is a command
  2. It is a sign of spiritual thirst (deer pants for the water brooks)
  3. It is submission to the Word and will of God, Psalm 119:48
  4. It is a deep heart cry Psalm 26:2
  5. It is an act of surrender

Do not say it is not part of my church culture, it is KINGDOM CULTURE!!!!

  1. Malachi 3:10 THE SACRIFICE OF TITHES AND OFFERINGS  You may say tithing is an Old Testament practice, and that was the LAW, well, under GRACE 10% should be a minimum we should consider giving to the work of God. For many it is a sacrifice, but the Lord has promised “to meet all our needs according to His riches in glory”, You are sowing into the Kingdom of God, and it will produce great personal, spiritual and eternal results.
  2. Romans 12:1 THE SACRIFICE OF OUR BODIES. Our bodies want to control our lives, but constantly we must re-affirm His Lordship over our lives Body, Soul & Spirit, so that our bodies are instruments of righteousness, continually filled with the Holy Spirit Eph. 5:18.

The Jews in Palestine were expected to come up to Jerusalem 3 times a year at the times of the Feasts to offer animal sacrifices. They had to pay hard earned finances to have an animal killed on the altar.
King David was commanded by the Prophet to offer a sacrifice to God, everything for the sacrifice was offered to him, but his response was “No I will surely buy it from you, nor will I offer burnt offerings to the Lord my God with that which costs me nothing. 2 Samuel 24:24.
These New Testament sacrifices will cost you, but will bring much blessing to you.
What sort of priest are you? let not our Christianity be self-centred and selfish, but by His grace learn to live A SACRIFICIAL LIFE.
Some of the above may be new to you, why don’t you respond to this blog and give me your thoughts.  God bless you.