25 June 2015


By John Ollis

A much older Pastor has said to me a few times this year, “John, you have to slow down, age is catching up with you etc. etc”.
I responded to him again this morning in an email, and said although I was trying to slow down and spend more time writing, I cannot shake off the passion and burden I carry.
The statement “The burden of the Word of the Lord” is recorded a number of times in scripture. Many of the Old Testament prophets carried a constant burden for the people of their day. Paul without doubt carried a tremendous burden for the Gentiles.
I began to think about my “burden”, when did it start ? what were the “triggers” that took me in a certain direction?
I have never looked for a burden, but I guess God saw I was available and willing, that has to be the start. If you want to carry “the burden of the Word of the Lord”  MAKE YOURSELF AVAILABLE.
For me, it started simply as a burden to disciple, but did not have a clue how to do it. I thank God for all He has shown me over the years. Mentoring seemed to simply develop out of that burden to disciple.
Then the “burden” grew into a “Missions burden” in as prayer meeting in Hyderabad India, I simply knew by the Spirit, “Jesus Christ shall be Lord of India. Naturally speaking this is impossible, nearly 80% Hindu, 11% Muslim, and 1+% Christian, but God said, I believe it, that settled it, IT SHALL COME TO PASS. Not just for India, but every nation on the earth.
Just a few years later the “burden” grew, I stood on a bridge in North West Thailand and looked into Burma (Myanmar) and another nation was added to my heart. As I prayed for Burma, the Indo China nations, (Laos,Cambodia & Vietnam) all were added  to the “burden. I thank God for the privilege of ministering in those nations now for many years.
Physically and practically, I cannot do much for some of these nations anymore, but the “burden” doesn’t go away, thank God for the Ministry of Intercession (for every believer) to pray for these nations.
There is currently one nation I cannot just pray for, and that is Indonesia, last month when we were there, I felt I had “come home”, and by God’s grace I want to keep returning to that nation.
It seems to me you can’t “retire” and give back the “Burden of the Word of the Lord” but seek to continue to fulfil it (in some way) until our life is over.
I have to enter hospital next Wednesday morning for further surgery Wednesday afternoon. Will you pray with me, that this will be the last, and I can walk without pain and continue to serve the Lord?
Perhaps this blog is an extension to yesterday’s blog on “Goals and Dreams”. If the above was simply a human goal or dream it would have died many years ago, but a God given passion and burden will continue to grow and consume you, as you make yourself available.
I thank God He gave me this passion and burden, of course there has been a cost, and pain, and disappointment, but I would not have wanted it any other way.
I know I can’t just make someone share my burden (it has to be an operation of the Holy Spirit), but equally the fruit of mentoring is raising up others who will disciple and mentor, and  I pray they will make themselves available to receive a burden, that from my experience will change their life.
Have I made myself clear in this blog, if you need clarification please ask.