4 August 2015


By John Ollis

It is 5 weeks tomorrow since I had further surgery on my knee. I think I have written to say it “feels” different. I started some physio yesterday, that will assist as well. I am down to one arm crutch, and nothing around the house. I have started using my exercise bike, as well, so the swelling should continue to reduce.
I felt well enough¬† for us to journey to Sydney by car to celebrate our eldest son’s birthday, and attend Hillsong church with them, the preaching ministry in both services was excellent. Stephen is also singing in the ensemble of a production of Mary Poppins at Parramatta, that was another enjoyable evening.We also caught up with our younger son and his family, which was also very special.
There are lots of positive signs in our local church, quite a number of new faces who are coming back Sunday by Sunday praise the Lord. We induct our new Senior pastor this coming Sunday. I continue to function as an Elder (only one at the moment) and am really enjoying ministry life.
We discovered a Northern Europe cruise at a greatly reduced price, and will leave Moe Sunday afternoon 23rd to fly to Copenhagen. The cruise commences on Wednesday 26th, and visits Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallin, and St Petersburg. You can appreciate we are very much looking forward to it.
As my knee continues to heal, we can seriously start thinking and praying about ministry in S.E. Asia in 2016. We would ask for your prayers that we will clearly hear the Lord and only do what he wants us to do.
Some three to four years ago, I conducted the wedding of one of my special spiritual sons, his brother who I have also mentored has asked me to conduct his as well. This will be on Saturday 16th January. Margaret and I will  travel together and have a few days rest there as well.
Thank you for your love and support and your prayers they are so much appreciated.
Have a great week of blessing and fruitfulness.