4 August 2015


By John Ollis

As I was looking at the various posts on my Facebook today, I noticed there were so many posts about :
The need and importance of prayer
The need and importance of the Word of God.
The ideal is, that when a person comes to Christ, there is automatically a desire to pray and read the Word, but it is a rare exception that this happens these days. That is why Biblical Discipleship is essential (that is someone coming along side of the new believer and walking with them until prayer and the Word is their daily lifestyle).
Is it a duty ? or is it the daily communication between two lovers.  The reality is that many Christians, do not pray much at all, and when they do pray it is all about “me and mine”. Yet, when a person truly prays, heaven hears and answers. The believer’s life is changed, and so many things can change including revival and breakthrough. Can I encourage you to pray “Lord increase my desire to pray and help me discipline my life to make prayer a priority so I can keep falling in love with Jesus more and more”.
Again, so many believers, do not regularly read the Bible, and do not realise what a powerful book it is. There was a picture on FB today of a man on his knees praying “Lord speak to me” and there came an outstretched hand out of heaven with a Bible in it. In other words God was saying “If you read My Word I will speak to you.
Do you have a hunger to read the Word ? Again I regularly pray “Lord increase my hunger for your Word. We must not read the Word out of duty, but see it as our daily spiritual food. You cannot grow spiritually by listening to one sermon a week, or even going to a mid week Bible Study, we need to eat the Word of God DAILY. It is also the place to find direction.  So many believers do not have a moral compass because they are ignorant of what the Bible teaches. The Bible is also the place to receive FAITH, as Paul tells us Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Rhema Word Rom. 10.17.
The lack of Prayer and the Word in the believer’s life, is another sign of the day and generation we live in. The scriptures often mention the need to go back to the “old paths”  for these things (Prayer ^& the Word) are tried and true.
So may I ask you today, how important really is Prayer and the reading, studying and meditating  on the Word of God to you? If you don’t feel you are growing in grace, if you have “left” your first love,  we need to repent:   Have a change of
And humble ourselves and recognise we have been trying to live the Christian Life in our own strength, and the fact is we have failed for “without Him we can do nothing”.
Let us stop being modern and sophisticated and come back to spending “quality’ time “daily” with the  lover of our soul, and daily read and re-read His love letter to us.
I guarantee you will move to a whole new level of relationship of victory and purity  if you will do these things.
I sincerely believe, it is not an accident that there seems to be so much emphasis on prayer and the Word at this time, it is the Holy Spirit reminding His Church, that these things have been made available to us, and are ESSENTIAL if we are to be the “People of God”. There is nothing new is this blog, but we need to remind ourselves regularly of their importance.
Do you agree with me ???? If you do, please respond to this blog.