25 September 2015


By John Ollis

I was greatly blessed as I read Psalm 56 NKJV yesterday, and King David says 3 times in verses 4 & 10 I will praise His Word. I wonder what David was thinking about as he penned that Psalm?  was it simply  the written word of God, that I am sure he had read many times, or was it a “particular” word God had put in his heart.
We are living in a generation of Biblical illiteracy and ignorance, (many believers hardly ever open their Bibles) on one hand and on the other, Christians who know what the Word of God says and totally disregard what the Bible teaches. I will not be political and specify those areas, but you know those areas very well.
At least David is saying, “God your Word is”:
Total truth
Utterly Reliable
The Scriptures speak of the Bible as :
The Faithful Word Titus 1.9
The Good Word Hebrews 6.5
The Engrafted Word James 1.21
The Sure Word 2 Peter 1.19
It is referred to as :
The Word of Truth Psalm 119.43
The Word of Righteousness Hebrews 5.13
The Word of the Kingdom Matthew 13.19
The Word of Faith Rom.10.8
The Word of Reconciliation  2 Corinthians 5.19
The Word of Exhortation Hebrews 13.22
The Bible describes itself as:
Fire Jeremiah 5.14, & 23.29
A Hammer Jeremiah 23.29
Honey Psalm 19.10, 119,103, Ezekiel 3.3 Revelation 10.9
A lamp and a Light Psalm 119.105
Meat i.e (solid food) Hebrews 5:13-14
Milk 1 Peter 2.2
Seed Luke 8.11
Silver Psalm 12.6
Spirit & Life John 6.63
Sword Ephesians 6.19
Water (for cleansing) Ephesians 5.26
Let me encourage you to look at each of the Scriptural descriptions and mediate on them and let them become revelation to you.
I guess everyone of these descriptions could each become a separate blog, let me just develop some of these today.
Prior to our coming to Christ and sadly since we have polluted our minds with rubbish, but as we spend time daily in His Word, it has a cleansing, sanctifying ministry to our minds.
Just as we normally eat at least 3 times a day, so we must learn to feed our spirits and eat the “Meat” of God’s Word, I trust you have graduated from the Milk !! No believer can live on one Sunday sermon, and a midweek Bible study group.
God wants to plant a seed 1 Peter 1.23 (divine sperma) into the womb of our heart every day, spiritual conception will take place, the Logos becomes a Rhema Word to us that becomes a Word of faith, a Word of Life, a Word of Reconciliation, a Word of Truth, a Word of Righteousness.
It is always a Good Word, always a Faithful Word, always a Sure Word, that can be Engrafted into our heart and change our lives. Let the Word of God shed Light (revelation) to you, may it be as sweet as Honey, but let us always be open to let it be a Hammer, and a Word of Exhortation to challenge us to move to the next level. There is always so much more for us. Let us learn to use the Rhema Word as a sword against the evil one. Eph.6.
Let me confess, I have to discipline myself to make sure I come to Father’s Banqueting House and table EVERY day, and feed and feast on His Word. You know one of my favourite verses is from James “We have not because we ask not” so I regularly pray, Lord increase my hunger for your Word, help me to discipline myself to spend quality time every day in your Word.
I am sure I am not alone when it comes to regularly spending time in the Word of God. I do trust this blog, and what the Bible says of itself has been a blessing to you, may we fall in love with the Word of God more and more. Let us see it as a Mirror, a Road map, Food to make us grow, and everything else it promises.
If this has challenged you, please let me know.
May you this very day, seek to prioritise more the place of the Word of God in your life, may you attune your ears to hear to hear God speak to you through every page.
Have a blessed weekend.