26 September 2015


By John Ollis

I trust the title of this blog makes you sit up and think and read what I am going to say. We know God will never make us do what we don’t want to do, BUT,He also knows our heart that we do want to do the will of God, so He pours His grace and love and mercy upon us, and we are enabled to say “YES Lord, I will do what you want me to do”.
I have been talking about  new seasons this week, and the fact that I was on the threshold of a new season in my life and ministry. I was also very honest to say that I felt it was going to mean much less travelling to the nations (if at all) it could mean much less preaching and much less mentoring face to face. These have all been the passion of my heart for many years, and I was struggling with the fact that the new season will primarily mean much more writing, and would not include those things that have been a driving burden  in my heart.
Well, He has poured His grace and mercy into my heart, and I can sincerely say I AM EXCITED about this new season, and if it means that those things that have been so important to me I have to lay down, well so be it, I just want to do His will and bring glory to His Name.
I have always enjoyed blogging, but always saw it as something secondary that I could do or not do.  But now I am so excited (it has to be the Holy Spirit) that I could potentially touch hundreds of thousands of people with my writings. I read in Psalm 60:12 this morning “With God’s help we will do mighty things”. This has been quickened to my heart, and I take it as a glorious promise from the Lord. The Lord and I are going to be an awesome team to communicate His Word to many people.
I have mentioned that previously my blogs were being translated into 3 different languages, Indonesian, Vietnamese & Mandarin, but the three translators have become so busy in other ministry they have no time to do it for me anymore.
I decided to write to my Facebook friends and ask if they could help me, or knew someone who could. I have already received an offer from Vietnam, and 2 from Indonesia (interestingly both from the city of Bandung, a place the Lord has opened many doors for me in the past). I have posted on Facebook again this morning a request for a Mandarin translator.  I have referred the others already to my Blogmaster who is one of my spiritual sons to follow through for me.  I even feel now there could be other languages the blog could be translated into to. Other nations the Lord had put on my heart like Lao, Kmer, Burmese etc.
So, I say a big thank you to the Lord this morning for His grace that I could yield to Him and embrace this new season. I am really excited and can see in my spirit those tens (no hundreds of thousands being touched by the Word of God.
I have never wanted to just write stuff, but only write what the Lord has put in my heart, so I am asking you to pray the Lord will help me to be sensitive to Him and clearly hear what He wants me to write.
I have no idea where all this will take me, but I know the Lord has it all under His control, and that “much fruit” will be produced for His honour and glory.
It is Saturday morning here, the sun is shining, the sky is so blue, Spring is in the air, to be alive and well, and walking in the Spirit and walking in His will, what else could I ask for? TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOR EVER AND EVER.