22 November 2015


By John Ollis

At the recommendation of a Pastor friend I was invited to speak at a Church Camp Sunday morning service. I drove the 150kms to the Camp, preached and prayed for quite a few people. We had a great time with much blessing. I got Margaret to drive home. I had never met the Pastor before and was very impressed by him and his ministry, and as we were driving home I was thinking about this. When I got home I posted this on FB.
“A genuine Ephesian 4:11 Pastor has great parenting skills, and so love the sheep (and they know it) He will lay down his life for the sheep. I concluded with a simple prayer “Lord raise up more true Pastors in our day AMEN”.
There are many people in the Church today who have the title “Pastor” but they either are not a Ministry Gift, or their gifting  is one of the other fivefold ministries. Although I personally think every ministry should have a “Pastors heart”. Going to Bible College does NOT make you a Pastor, Bible College will enhance your ministry gift if you have one. Sadly, in these last few years I have met a number of people who carry the title of Pastor they  are great communicators/preachers,  but they do not have a Pastor’s heart.  This is so sad, the sheep (God’s people are crying out for a Pastor Shepherd).
What are some of the parental skills of a genuine Eph. 4:11 Pastor ?

  1. He is a WATCHMAN Acts 20:28,31: Heb. 13:17. The sheep have many potential enemies, Vigilance is a cardinal virtue of the shepherd.
  2. He is a GUARD , sheep are defenceless, they cannot even run fast, They must be part of a local church under a shepherd.
  3. He is a GUIDE sheep are not independent travellers,, shepherds lead near still waters and green pastures.
  4. He is a PHYSCIAN sheep can contract many diseases,, and are also liable to accident and misfortune. The shepherd must be able to diagnose fever, blindness, deafness, paralysis, heart disease, depression, bleeding hearts need to be treated tenderly, the stunted in growth need nurturing and admonishing, broken hearts needs to be bound up, the demon effected need deliverance.
  5. He is a SAVIOUR (small s) he must be able to rescue the sheep, we must seek a save that which is lost.
  6. He is a FEEDER of the sheep John 21:15-17 he must learn to give them a balanced diet, there he is a good dietician, giving teaching that will furnish nutrients to the nerves, and truth that will satisfy craving hearts. Thus he is a DISCIPLER.
  7. He is a LOVER of the sheep, as a result of the pastoral intimacy that develops, they then can know his voice, he calls them by name, he carries the lambs on his shoulders. the crowning virtue of the shepherd is sacrificial love, and would even lay down his life for the sheep.
  8. he is a PARTICIPANT, he is not an arm chair enthusiast, but is involved in the activities of the sheep, he leads them out and brings them home. Thus he is a DELEGATOR
  9. He is an ORGANISER lack of leadership or faulty leadership results in the sheep being scattered, without leadership the sheep become confused, each turning to his “own ways”, sheep are prone to scatter, flocking is an important ministry in a genuine shepherd it brings cohesion and order.
  10. He is a PLANNER, this relates to organisation, sheep naturally have a tendency to wander, he sets achievable goals  and objectives for the flock.
  11. He is a SERVANT, this is the highest form of leadership.
  12. He is a FRIEND, someone you can trust in every way.

I guess I could add to the list, but these are sure signs of a genuine Eph. 4:11 Pastor. Maybe I have highlighted an inadequacy in your Pastor, don’t criticise him, but pray for him.
I think you can see why from the above that many should NOT carry the title Pastor as these signs are basically inate in a genuine Pastor.
Do you agree with my prayer “Lord raise up true Pastors on our day”.
Let me know your response to this blog please?