1 February 2016


By John Ollis

Some may be asking, even though the title of this series is “Some of the things I believe” I refer back to John Piper regularly. Firstly, his writings have been such a blessing to me personally, and it is others who in their description of him highlight some of the truths he believes and considers so important. Most of these highlighted truths also mean much to mean, some have been developing truths over many years, it is not always easy to change one’s position that you have held so strongly for many years. In these next couple of blogs I will be sharing on the  fact that I have had to shift my position theologically in numerous areas.
Also, please do not think I am putting myself on the same level as John Piper in any way. I thank God for His work of grace me, and His calling upon my life, and for the fulfilling fruitful ministry he has let me experience over more than 50 years.
Writers go on and describe John Piper as a REFORMED CHARISMATIC BAPTIST PASTOR. It is these areas we will develop in the next few blogs.
Christians for many years have tendered to describe themselves as either Reformed (Calvinist) (once saved always saved) or Arminian  (you can be lost)expressing what they believe about the work of Salvation in their lives. I was brought up in churches that were very Arminian in their theology, and I had a bias against Reformed theology. Let us not forget that both these schools are based on the Word of God.
The more I studied the Scriptures, I found a BIG sovereign God and began to see there was MUCH truth in the Reformed school. I also came to see there was too much emphasis on human responsibility in Arminianism. Both schools seems to have developed some  extreme positions  through misinterpretation and open people up to misunderstanding of this glorious truth.  It has been said, it is dangerous to stand in the middle of the road, because you could get run over.  Well, that is where I stand on this issue.
I am TOTALLY SECURE  in my Salvation, (Go chose me before he created the world) but I do not take it for granted, I seek as Paul says to work it out in my life daily. I do not want and will not ever backslide, but will lay hold of the grace of God and take hold of my inheritance in Christ and seek to walk in victory, and purity every day. As I do my  part, I know God will continue to do His part as He  has promised in His Word.
I have seen Calvinism produce “cheap grace” in people’s minds and attitudes, as they think they cannot be lost therefore it doesn’t matter how I live!!!!!!
I have seen Arminianism produce the mentality that if I sin, I am lost and need to be  “saved” again.
Oh, how we need a balance  in our understanding of what the Word of God teaches, and then practically hold it in balance in our lives.
There are aspects of both schools I DO NOT understand, and I will not get into argument regarding all the fine points. Let us keep it SIMPLE,  it is the will of God than none should perish, God has purchased an awesome Salvation for us through His Son Jesus. Let us be sure we have come to faith, and translated out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of God’s dear son, that we know because know, because we know, that we have the gift of eternal life, and by God’s grace walk in it. AMEN