1 February 2016


By John Ollis

I love the statement “total commitment on the essentials, and liberty on the non-essentials”. There are some essential truths we MUST believe, but there are others we need to be flexible on.
The most important essential I believe is that because of Adam & Eve’s disobedience to God’s command in the garden of Eden, we have inherited a sinful nature from our first parents. We now have a deceitfully desperately wicked heart Jer.17:9, and as a result of their fall the wrath of God came  on mankind.  BUT Jesus came and took the Father’s wrath upon Himself  and my sin, and the sins of the whole world upon Himself and dealt with the sin question once and for all, when he died on the cross, and three days later rose again for our justification.
As Jesus declared in John 3 WE MUST BE BORN AGAIN, have our sins forgiven, and receive a “new” heart that desires to live and serve the Lord. Christ’s death purchased an awesome inheritance for us, and over time, by revelation we see what a mighty SALVATION we have received. BUT COMING TO FAITH IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF A FANTASTIC PILGRIMAGE.
In my first blog in this series, I mentioned Dr. John Piper, who’s writings I am really appreciating. He calls himself a Christian Hedonist what does that mean ?
A Hedonist is a person who believes that the personal pursuit of pleasure is the most important thing in life, we see that all around us everyday. But a Christian hedonist is one who finds his pleasure and satisfaction in worshipping God. He says.
The Westminster Confession declares: “The chief aim of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever”.
We must NEVER forget  that we were on the way to hell, and that without Him we can do nothing. As each day we meditate on this fact, we cannot help but bow down and worship the Lord. Jesus said the Father is seeking WORSHIPPERS, not just people who are thankful or who are Praisers, but who are WORSHIPPERS. Those who bow down, and love adore (kiss) and keep on falling in love with the Saviour of our soul.
May our worship NOT be selfish, just simply and wholly centred on Him, it will produce deep pleasure and satisfaction.
Jer. 31:14 tells us we will be satisfied with the abundance of God.
Matt.6:33 tells us that if the rule of God is our no.1 priority God will add all we need unto us.
Those are 2 of the vertical benefits, here is a horizontal benefit.
Ps.66:4 tells us we shall be satisfied by the goodness of His House. There is something so unique and special about being a part of an involved in a local church, we are satisfied.
So let me encourage you in 2016 to be a Christian hedonist, , I sure want greater spiritual satisfaction in 2016 by His grace, I will seek Him MORE, I know it will take discipline, but the potential results will be beyond our wildest dreams.
Will you join me ?