2 February 2016


By John Ollis

in these last 4 blogs I have expressed my great appreciation for John Piper’s writings, and have emphasised what some writers have said about his teachings. To a great degree I agree with his teachings, and have sought simply to express where I stand on those issues and adding my particular position on some aspects of his teaching.
In this final blog I am simply going to mention other “things I believe” and consider important in this day and hour.
I am a Baptist when it comes to that step of obedience after a person comes to faith, and that baptism is by immersion.
I believe a Christian can live a victorious holy life in 2016 as a result of all that that Christ purchased for us through His death and resurrection. We  must learn to live the “surrendered life” and let the Holy Spirit continually fill the house.
I utterly loather the “cheap grace” teaching that is effecting the Church at this time especially in Asia, and my heart aches for my friends there who have been polluted by it.
I also hate the compromise I see in much of the Church today, as it seeks to be contemporary. We need to get back to Biblical standards (not legalism) and line up  our lives with the Word of God.
I believe in the autonomy of the local church, and for it to find its own vision to fulfil the purposes of God. I believe the best form of local church  government is a plural team of leaders (elders) with a “set man” (senior Pastor) who is “first amongst equals” leading the team. I also concede God will work through any form of government where people’s hearts are open to do the will of God.
I want to believe that if we pray God will revive His Church, and as a result there will be a fresh turning of millions to the Lord.
I believe Jesus is returning soon for His Church (that is without, spot, blemish or wrinkle)  there are signs everywhere that that day is near. I am not locked into any school, but seek personally to be ever ready to see Jesus break through the clouds. What a day that will be?
So the above concludes “some of the things I believe” it has been and will continue to be a journey as the Lord continues to lead me into truth.
What we believe is important, but never forget,


I sure would appreciate further feedback, questions and comments. God bless.