29 May 2016


By John Ollis

Some of you may be wondering why there have been no blogs flowing from me, May has been a very busy month for me, I preached at our local church on Sunday 3rd May, and Margaret and I tag teamed the sermon yesterday (29th) We had been asked to share about our passion and burden we have for missions, we told our story and shared how God used supposedly natural as well as spiritual means to make our commitment to the Great Commission so real and so fulfilling.
A few weeks ago I had written a short post on FB testifying to the fact that I have been a born again believer for 64+ years, and I described my journey as “Living the dream”. which so aptly describes my walk with the Lord, and for the awesome doors of ministry God has opened up to me. As a result of that post I have started to feel I should write my story. One time I was in Medan Sumatra ministering and at the same time there was a team from City Harvest church Singapore, I took the opportunity to share the Word of God with them.  I became good friends with a young man who is now married and lives in Hi Chi Minh City Vietnam. He bought himself an e.book package worth nearly US$700, and later decided to donate it to me.
Whether my story actually becomes an e.book only time will tell, but during this month, despite feeling generally unwell, I have written eleven chapters.
We also was away from home for ten days travelling to Sydney and return to visit our family there.
It has been a busy month.
Thank you for you support and prayers.