16 June 2016


By John Ollis

I was struck by a statement made by a FB friend this week in a post he wrote. He made the statement he is “letting the Word (of God) work in Him. I think you would agree this is not common, normal evangelical language for most Christians. Whether he has been influenced by a particular group or culture in the Christian church, (we all can’t help but be influenced by the language and culture of our particular church scene) or is something that he has  come to see as an important  aspect of truth.
I guess it was in the 1960’s that Kenneth Hagin  came to some prominence in at least part of the church in the U.S.A. He became known as the Father of the “Word of Faith” Movement.  So often when a particular aspect of truth is emphasised sadly there at least seems to come an over emphasis as the pendulum swings out to get people’s attention to the teaching. Like most movements if there were excesses they seem to have come back to a better degree of balance. Sadly, initially it caused a lot of reaction and as often happens maybe people again threw the “baby out with the dirty bathwater”. Also the teaching spawned
What is known as the hyper-faith movement
Everything must be based on a “positive confession”
The so called “Prosperity Gospel” teaching, I understand Hagin rebuked his “disciples” for this error.
The confess it and possess it teaching, or commonly called “blab it and grab it”.
But what is the Word of Faith ? Hagin commenced or initiated Bible Schools around the world called Rhema Bible Training Centres, that has  trained many many thousands  of believers.
In the Greek language there are two words that are translated word in the English.
Logos (strong’,s no.3056) something said (including the thought) a spoken word etc. Jesus is also described as the Logos in John 1:1.The Bible is God’s Logos to us. remember God said it, I believe it, that settles it.
Rhema (strong’s no 4487) an utterance,  either spoken, or read in the Word of God, or that still small voice within our spirit. Never forget that still small voice MUST ALWAYS agree with the written Word of God.  It is that word that gets quickened in your spirit, or say like a neon light being turned on. Or when a mother experiences the quickening around the twentieth week of her pregnancy and she feels movement in her womb for the first time.
Some Theologians say that as the 2 words are used interchangeably in the Scriptures, there is no real difference, like Hagin I disagree totally.
What do you do with say Romans 10:17 that says Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the RHEMA. We have all had that experience when sometimes after reading many verses many times,  God turns the light on and gives us revelation on a particular verse, AND PUTS FAITH IN OUR HEART.
I am not into “positive confession” as such, but if God says something that is quickens to my heart I am going to confess it. I have experienced this many times and it has always come to pass.
Remember our salvation came to us, by both FAITH (in our heart) and CONFESSION (WITH OUR MOUTHS. (Romans 10:17) Every person who comes to a saving knowledge of Christ has first heard the Word, either by preaching or witnessing, Peter calls it (I Peter 1:23) the seed (Greek sperma or spora) that is conceived in our heart and produces faith that causes us to confess Jesus as the Lord of our lives.
Paul in Ephesians 6:17 calls the Rhema the “Sword of the Spirit) that we can use in our battle with the evil one. The devil hates the Word of God especially when it has become a Rhema word in the heart of the believer. The sons of Sceva in Acts tried to cast out a demon and it laughed at them, and said, Jesus we know, Paul we know, but who are you? The Word was not a Rhema in their mouth. Yet James tells every believer, “Submit to God, resist the devil (with the Sword of the Spirit (the Rhema word) and in  the name of Jesus) and he must flee.
Jesus said to the devil (Matt. 4:4) Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Rhema that proceeds out of the mouth of God. We must let the Rhema word so work in our lives that we live at the optimum of what God has for us.
Peter the professional fisherman knew everything about fishing in the Lake of Gennesaret, but said (Luke 5:5)  “At your Rhema word I will let down the net”. Look at the result of peter’s obedience.
Romans 10:8 is an excellent verse “The Rhema Word is near you, in your mouth (confession)and in your heart. THE WORD  (Rhema) OF FAITH WHICH WE PREACH”. Wow I think that says it all.
I don’t know why the words are used interchangeably in the Greek text,  but I sure know when I have a Rhema word and when I don’t. Maybe it is like what the Scotchman said, it is better “felt than telt”.
As written previously in another blog, we can have a Rhema Word EVERY DAY to produce faith in our hearts, if we will spend a few minutes meditating and praying and letting the Holy Spirit turn the light on.
I worked with a lady, in one of the regional Colleges I was responsible for) who was part of the “Word of faith movement” twenty years ago, and I heard her say often LET THE WORD WORK, it really spoke to my heart. So I agree with my Facebook friend when he said he is  letting the Word work in him. let me encourage you to do the same.
Since the Reformation God has been working to restore truth to His church, he uses imperfect vessels like you and me, and every restored truth or fresh emphasis has bought at times over emphasis, but sadly so many reject the whole message and miss the beautiful truth that God has for us. God’s plan is to use His creation, so let us not touch these anointed servants of the Lord (let us pray for them). I get very disturbed about the “cheap grace teaching which is captivating many hearts today, there is much truth, but there is sufficient error to cause people to come into deception. I don’t criticise the teacher, I seek to clearly teach the Word of God. but let us do as the Bible says in John 5:39
Search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life, and these things are they that testify of me.
I do trust this blog has helped you and blessed you, and help you when you are confronted with any teaching you use the principles I have mentioned here.
Tell me your thought please ?