11 October 2016


By John Ollis

I  read a Facebook post yesterday promoting the “Doctrine of Cessationism” which is the teaching that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit like Tongues and Prophecy and Healing ceased on the death of the last Apostle in the first century. There was not one Scripture to support the article. Sadly, a person locks themselves into a particular Theological School and accepts every tenant in that School.  Consequently most Believers if they understand the Schools, say they are either Calvinist (Reformed) or Arminian. Both Schools are based on the Word of God, but  in numerous aspects are quite contrary to the other. We must recognise that TRUTH IS PROGRESSIVE, and since the Reformation the Holy Spirit has continued to seek to lead us into ALL TRUTH.
As a young Pastor (over 45 years ago) I was told to my face by a Cessationist I was “of the devil” because I believed these gifts are still available and operate today. The questions I simple ask today  are these, as there are now around half a billion Believers in the world who believe and embrace the Gifts of the Spirit:
Are they demonically influenced?
Did they simply have a psychosomatic experience ?
Most of the Pentecostals/Charismatics I know, love the Lord deeply, and love His Word, and show forth His presence and nature in their lives.
I am preaching on Sunday, from Acts 17 and will be majoring on the Bereans, who the Bible says were “fair minded” were open to receive the Word of God, and “searched the Scriptures DAILY to find out whether these things were so” (Acts 17:11).
This blog is simply asking that we don’t just gullibly accept an aspect of considered truth, but have an attitude like the Bereans and truly search the Scriptures, and  ask the Lord to illuminate them to us and give us clear understanding. AMEN.
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