7 October 2016


By John Ollis

Theologians believe Adam and Eve would never have died if they had not disobeyed God’s command not to partake of a specific fruit in the Garden of Eden. Consequently, there is that real sense that from the moment we are born, our bodies begin to die. We sure don’t believe that when we are young, (we think we will never die) but as we age, we become aware of parts of our body not working so well, and surprising aches and pains often when we least expect it.
Why am I talking about dying ? We received 2 phone calls earlier this week about an hour apart. Firstly being informed of a school friend of Margaret’s had passed away, she had served in P.N.G. as a Missionary with S.I.L. then to receive word that an aunt of Margaret’s had passed away. Both funerals being held the same day in a country town about 300kms away on the border of our State.
I am in my 76th year, which means naturally speaking my future days are limited,(compared to my past) I am not morbid about that, I can echo the words of the Apostle Paul that “absent from the body  I will be (eternally) present with the Lord”. The important question is, Am I ready to die? The answer is a definite YES, at this moment, I am completely happy to die, or continue as long as the Lord desires.
I have written numerous times, my biggest problem is ME, and I am very aware I can easily become slack and lazy, and develop the attitude “I know all I need to know just take it easy John, it won’t be long”!!!! I know my salvation is all because of God’s grace and mercy, but I am challenged by the Word of God to keep  “working out my salvation” to keep “pressing on (Phil.3:14) to keep “drawing near to God” to keep “seeking first the Kingdom of God (the rule of God) over my life. I am preaching soon on Acts 17 and  will be majoring on the Bereans who were  “more fair minded” “they received the Word with all readiness” and “searched the Scriptures DAILY”,  I am sure there is much more truth and revelation in the Word me for me still Amen. When I stand before the Bema seat (The Judgement seat of Christ) I want to have as few regrets as possible, when I hear those words “well done good and faithful servant”.
I am sincerely hoping and praying that I will return to Indonesia next year to teach and preach, at this moment, physically I am not sure I am able too. Please pray with me, that the will of the Lord shall be done, and that I will know that strength that comes from the Lord to be able to minister effectively for Him.
So, as I wrote earlier, may the Lord help us to live not only in the context of time, but very much in the light of eternity.
It has been a very busy week for me, and this is the only blog I have written, there are others burning in my heart, but time has been short. We are on the verge of another weekend, please be excited about going to Father’s house, to worship the Lord, and also to hear His Word to you through the preaching of the Word of God. BE BLESSED.