26 February 2017

PEARLS FROM PETER (4)We now turn our attention to the second half of 1 Peter 2 from verse 11. Peter describes Believers so well when he calls us SOJOURNERS that is a person who is only residing temporarily in a place. The earth is not our home, we are just passing through, our citizenship is now in heaven (Phil.3:20). He also describes us as PILGRIMS our thoughts and actions are primarily about our eternal destiny. Yet, simultaneously we should improve ourselves as far as our career is concerned, choosing a wife (or husband) and becoming a parent but our primary goal is to do everything we can to prepare ourselves for our eternal destiny in heaven. Peter continues to major on character and lifestyle and highlights the important area of submission. In every area of our life God has placed authorities over our lives, Whether as children in the home, in our marriage, in the workplace, in our local church, and most importantly our learning to constantly submit to the Lord (Rom.12:1) Lack of submission and its consequences which can produce rebellion is a major cause of struggles in the life of a Believer. We must recognise that God has placed these authorities over us, and we MUST submit to them as if we are submitting to the Lord. The only time we should reject an authority’s request over us is if they want us to do something that is contrary to the Word of God. The Apostles were told NOT to preach about Jesus, there response was “it is better to obey God than man”. Peter again indicates that we can expect suffering sometimes unjustly, but His grace is sufficient for us in every situation, so that we learn patience, and we can follow Christ’s example. Jesus was that perfect example He could have resisted, but did not open His mouth, may the Lord help to do the same. I do pray these simple blogs will be a blessing to you. Thank you Peter for your sound practical teaching on how we should live.

By John Ollis