16 March 2017


By John Ollis

On Tuesday I had nearly 40 staples removed from my leg following surgery 13 days previously. Only now can I start to assess if the surgery has worked. I have to take it slowly as the tendons around the knee all needed to be cut so the kneecap (Patella) could be centred. I have to co-operate with the healing process and take renewed exercise slowly. I am believing it will be 100% right by the time I take Margaret on a European cruise at the end of April. We will celebrate our 52nd Wedding Anniversary during the cruise.
Last night was our 50th night sleeping in our  larger Villa we have moved too here in the Retirement Village, we are now close to being fully settled primarily just some cosmetic things to finish off.
I am preaching on Sunday 26th (the 4th Sunday in Lent)  the theme for the day is LISTENING, we have been reminding the saints of what we have received through the death and resurrection of Jesus, I want to remind them of the glorious inheritance we have and the victory we can experience because of Christ’s death and resurrection.
So what of the rest of 2017, on our way home from Europe we will have 7 days in Singapore (our favourite Asian city, and where we served the Lord full time) and hope to catch up with many friends.. I am believing that health wise God is going to open more doors for me to teach and preach in South East Asia, if this is the Lord’s will. will you pray with me this will be so, if that is what the Lord wants, I will not be pushing doors down, but the Lord knows I am ready, willing and able. Thank you for your love and prayers, they are so much appreciated. Thank you too to our Lord Jesus Christ who put a dream and vision in my heart, and sustained and used me over so many years. TO HIM BE GLORY AND HONOUR FOR EVER AND EVER AMEN.