19 April 2017


By John Ollis

I received this exciting prophecy yesterday,  so many have asked for it, I have put in this blog. Please pray for the nation and may we see this revival SOON. Amen

“PLANETSHAKERS” CONFERENCE, Melbourne, just prior to Easter.

The most incredible moment was when Ps. Russell Evans (Planetshakers) suddenly invited the representatives from Indonesia to come on stage because God had a word for us.
Shocked and in awe, we came up on stage before thousands and live on Daystar tv where millions joined praying for Indonesia.
“I see a light coming out of Indonesia. People look at Indonesia and say it’s like this…but God is showing that it’s like this: I’m raising up a church that’s glorious, it’s strong, it’s powerful. .
For I’m raising up the House of Judah, the house of praise. I am raising a house of breakthrough, I am raising up the house that will break down the walls that the enemy is trying to set up. I will release a sound that will sift things, that will move things, that will shake the heavens and will release things. This is what I see. I see millions and millions of *YOUNG PEOPLE  ON FIRE*, sold out, in love with Jesus, they will serve their nation like no one has ever served before. I see fire that is beginning to spread and spread and spread. And the glory cloud…wow!
In the wilderness in Israel, they were led by the cloud and the fire. I saw this: there were fires of the spirit that is going to come out of Indonesia that is going to release clouds– because what comes out of fires is clouds…and also the glow of God. God is going to release a light… the power of God, the covering of God and the activity of God, the protection of God, the weight of God, and the moving of God. For this is a strategic time for the nation of God. For this is the time when the wind is catching the fire and the fire begins to burn and burn and burn.