17 July 2017


By John Ollis

I have heard a number of Preachers & Bible Teachers recently who were quite critical of King David which I think was unfair. Yes, he committed gross sin, but he deeply repented he records his prayer so clearly in Psalm 51. Doesn’t the Bible say when we repent our sins are FORGIVEN & FORGOTTEN.
How many tens of millions of men under the New Covenant have committed adultery with their eyes, Jesus says this is the same as committing the physical act .How many millions of believers have murdered and ruined people’s reputations with their tongue ,but  IF WE CONFESS OUR SIN HE IS FAITHFUL & JUST (HE IS TRUE TO HIS NAME, HIS NATURE AND HIS PROMISES) TO FORGIVE AND TO CLEANSE US FROM ALL UNRIGHTEOUSNESS. 1 John 1:9   Surely, we can all say Hallelujah thank you Lord for this.
Lord, help us not to point the finger and criticise, but pray for that person, and thank God for His grace in our life.  1 Kings 15:5 clearly spells out:
Because David did what was right in the eyes of the lord, and had NOT TURNED ASIDE from anything God had commanded him ALL THE DAYS OF HIS LIFE, except in the matter of Uriah the Hittite KJV.
I thank God regularly for King David, half the Book of Psalms was written by him, and hardly a day goes by without me thinking about and referring to one of his Psalms.
I was sharing a word with some of our brothers over our regular coffee yesterday that  we as New Testament Priests are to offer spiritual sacrifices 1 Peter 2:5, and was reminded of King David’s words in 2 Samuel 24:24 in his response to Aruanah “I will not offer to God that which cost me nothing”.  The Prophet Gad had directed David to go down to Araunah’s threshing floor and build an altar and offer a sacrifice unto the Lord. Aruanah had offered to supply everything David needed, thus David’s response.
One of the spiritual sacrifices we must offer constantly is the SACRIFICE OF OUR BODY Rom.12:1, and like David it costs us, but the rewards of our sacrifice are: Peace, Victory, Purity and power.
So, my word today is, let us not criticise and condemn others, but follow the example of King David and live a life of repentance seeking to continually reject the bias of sin in our lives, and willingly sacrifice our bodies continually unto the Lord.