19 July 2017


By John Ollis

There is a joke amongst many Preachers and Teachers, that they prefer a particular Bible translation because it “suits” their doctrine, perhaps even different translations for specific verses and specific doctrines!!!!
I was reading Psalm 15 this week and read in the NKJV in verse 2 He who walks  uprightly and WORKS  righteousness……….
Message Bible Walk straight , act right, tell the truth.
Some years ago a young man came to visit us, he was hardly in the door and out of his mouth came swearing and expletives that were wicked, I lovingly rebuked him, and his response was “I am the righteousness of God in Christ”. He attends a so called “cheap grace” church in a S.E. Asian city and sadly cannot discern the difference between our POSITION  in Christ,  and also what must become our EXPERIENCE in Christ.
To quote King David we must WORK RIGHTEOUSNESS, or to quote the Apostle Paul., we must WALK IN RIGHTEOUSNESS..
This must be a deliberate decision of our will, that by the grace of God, Christ’s imputed righteousness will outwork itself in my walk and my talk, my thinking, my total behaviour. This is all part of our glorious inheritance in Christ.
Saints. JUST DO IT,