23 July 2017


By John Ollis

Growing up we sure appreciated the various seasons especially as summer was approaching and school holidays were just around the corner.  In other ways I guess we also just took them for granted.
Growing up spiritually, seasons didn’t seem to have much significance, (at the time) but they sure do now for me. Although in hindsight I can see and have chronicled the clearly defined spiritual ministry seasons in my life.The aging process is an interesting time, naturally speaking there is less energy, and the need to rest more, and the things you have done all your life and taken them for granted, are now often difficult or seemingly impossible.
I have not found it easy to comes to terms with no longer travelling to the Mission field, and struggled with the  frustration of how I can continue to minister in some form. Many of you know this has been a matter of prayer for some months now, and praise the Lord the picture is slowly becoming clearer. Common sense would tell me that as I love blogging so much writing would be part of this next season. My approach in my writing is very Pastoral, as that is my major ministry gifting, I would love to write scholarly tomes, and as I look at stuff written by colleagues and friends and compare my writing to there’s I can get discouraged. I just need to remind myself I must be the best John Ollis, I can be not a clone of someone else.

I am now in regular contact with currently 13 Church Planters around the world, in countries like India, Kenya, Ukraine, Canada, U.S.A. Taiwan and  Indonesia, and am committed to intercede for them daily, and I believe I am to write a message of encouragement and challenge to them weekly. I am excited about this, as it is clearly God answering prayer and leading me into this new season in my life. I hope there are other things especially in the areas of Discipleship & Mentoring that the Lord is going to open up for me. BUT IT IS AN EXCITING START. I need to patiently wait for the Lord’s clear direction  for other aspects of ministry.Thank you for praying and please keep praying,As far as ministry is concerned I want my “latter days to be even greater than my former days”.

It is Monday morning here, I do trust you had a blessed Sunday, and pray you will have a fruitful week.