11 August 2017


By John Ollis

A Kenyan FB friend has written and asked me to tell him how he can live and walk in the Spirit.  What a great question, I realised there was too much to write in a FB Messenger reply so have decided to simply share in a blog.
Living in the Spirit is a JOURNEY, and takes quite some time to really begin to experience what it fully  means. I have been born again almost 66 years and (sad to say) I am still learning. I have had to come to terms with the fact that “my heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked”  Jer. 17:9.  I inherited a sinful nature from Adam.
One important key I have learnt is that I must CONTINUALLY SURRENDER myself to the Lord Rom. 12:1 as it is only when I am laying on the altar  in surrender is my sinful nature RENDERED POWERLESS, but the moment I roll off the altar I give my sinful nature power and that is when I can begin to sin. I must constantly have the attitude
I will go where You want me to go
I will do what You want me to do
I will say what You want me to say
I will be what you want me to be.


I have learnt that I must develop an INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP with the Lord, and keep the relationship fresh and keep on falling in love with Jesus EVERY DAY
I must love the WORD OF GOD, not only read it, but MEDITATE upon it. I must CONFESS IT, I must understand my INHERITANCE in Christ, and all that was accomplished through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. I must learn to develop my SPIRITUAL SENSES to:
HEAR God’s voice
To SEE in the Spirit
To TOUCH in the Spirit
to TASTE  and eat the Word of God
To SMELL  and appreciate the fragrance of His presence.
I must use my PRAYER LANGUAGE EVERY DAY, knowing that I am praying in the will of God and also edifying myself.
I must be PLANTED in a local church, serving  and worshipping together with my brothers and sisters in Christ.
I must be accountable to the Leadership in the local church, and be submitted to my leaders.
It is good to have MENTOR/S  and let them speak into our lives, realising we need each other and especially spiritual fathers  who can encourage, and challenge us to go to the next level.
I am sure there are other keys I could add here, but Abraham, I trust this will be a blessing to you. and to anyone else who reads it.
In less than 24 hours I will be in church, I can’t wait to be with God’s people.  God bless you.