15 August 2017


By John Ollis

Watchman Nee wrote a book entitled “The Normal Christian Life” it was in  my library for many years, but I cannot find it. I guess my definition may be “slightly” different to his,    but this is my definition: A Believer
Who spends time in prayer EVERY day
Who spends time in the Word of God EVERY day, and seeks to obey it
Who is committed to his local church and serving there
Who seeks to live the Spirit-filled life.
Who uses his prayer language EVERY day
Who seeks to fulfil the Great Commission
You may feel to add other things to this list, there is no particular order here, I simply wrote as things came to mind.
We are now living in a generation where few Christians pray, perhaps they fit in a few minutes as they drive from one place to another, and sadly often the praying is all about ME AND MY NEEDS. Their Bibles are not opened from one Sunday to the next, and consequently do not know what the Word of God teaches, a bout life and Christian living.
Church Membership is treated so lightly today by so many, many “Christians” are “regular” once a fortnight or even once a month at church,  they could not comprehend attend 2 services on a Sunday, as was the practice in past generations.
There seems so little understanding of the Spirit-filled life, of victorious Christian living, some Charismatics are happy to share they spoke in tongues ONCE  and have their “tongues badge” but no appreciation for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
I am sure some of my readers are already screaming out “John you are so old fashioned”


I cannot get used to Christians (including Pastors) who  curse and swear and use expletives that are not God glorifying. I know words change their meaning from one generation to another, but surely our speech should never be questionable or have innuendo, or be misinterpreted.
I cannot get used to Christians who drink alcohol to excess. I do not believe the Bible teaches total abstinence, but wisdom and self control is so essential. Many Believers simply choose NOT  to drink and I say God bless them for their stand.
There was a time when we didn’t go to the movies, this was an extreme position, but the pendulum has swung the other way, so that many Christians do not even consider the government classifications when they decide to go to the movies.  The latest statistics suggest 80% of males watch internet pornography (and sad to say many of them are Professing Christians.
We are living in a degenerate immoral generation, and this has so effected many of our Christian youth, including the whole same-sex marriage/homosexuality issues.
The wisest man in the world (Solomon) said (Proverbs 23:10) Do not remove the ancient landmark/s.
I think it is time we got back to the UNCHANGING  Word of God. We may have less friends, we may be called “old fashioned”  but  we will sleep well at night, knowing we have “faith and a good conscience  (1 Tim:1:19).
Please don’t reject my musings in this blog, it is the cry of my heart, that we re-dig the wells of truth and blessing that has been filled in with compromise, and neglect.