2 October 2017


By John Ollis

On the first Sunday in October 1951 I was born again, and my life would never be the same again. This week I am especially thanking God for His saving and keeping grace over these past 66 years.
The sad thing was there really wasn’t any follow up, yes I continued attending Sunday School, but I was NOT Biblically discipled. Consequently for many years my life was like the Australian Stock Exchange, up one day and down the next. Often times of heart backsliding and although knowing there was more did not know how to receive it.
A good definition for Discipleship is the function of TEACHING AND TRAINING. The Discipler is to bring the new Believer  to Christian maturity. Some new Christians get some TEACHING (not that a four or six week class is sufficient for the new Believer). Sadly, there is usually very very little TRAINING on those essential matters like prayer ( a  single class teaching on prayer will definitely not make the Disciple a pray-er). reading and meditating on the Word of God,  commitment to a local church etc. That is why I am totally convinced the Discipler MUST WALK   with the new Believer, until all those essentials (not just those mentioned above)  became the lifestyle (by internal discipline) of the Believer and he has come to a level of maturity, THIS COULD TAKE SIX TO NINE MONTHS!!!!!!  Sadly like myself many believers take years to come to a level of maturity, and their life is often filled with regrets regarding the things that could have been, and many never break through and live defeated lives.
The word disciple comes from the same root word as DISCIPLINE so here is a definition for you.


We know the reality is that most Christians do not pray much (if at all), and many never open their Bibles, because there was never developed an INTERNAL DISCIPLINE  (through Discipleship) to do these things. That is why there are so many lukewarm Christians and many backsliders around today. WE MUST CHANGE THIS AND GET BACK TO DOING IT THE BIBLE WAY.
Why am I saying all this,? as I personally are being challenged regarding internal discipline. I wrote recently that I was like a little boy who was so excited at the new gift he had received. I thank God every day for this new prayer ministry He is leading me into. Plus every day (almost) I am getting requests from around the world (especially Africa) would I pray for them and their ministry. There has not been any coercion  from me, so I  believe the Lord is adding these people to me so I can be committed to pray daily for them. As the list grows longer each day and the time spent daily is increasing constantly guess what ? I NEED FURTHER INTERNAL DISCIPLINE ?, I get tired, and physically unwell, and there is always plenty of other things to do.


Can I ask you to pray for me, that I will effectively fulfil this ministry, and see much good fruit for the Kingdom of God. Let me say GOD IS ANSWERING PRAYER EVERY DAY, and I stand in awe at our prayer answering God.