29 September 2017


By John Ollis

One of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make was the decision to conclude my overseas Teaching Ministry, I honestly struggled for many months continually hoping I would have the health and strength to continue (even this week 2 people have pleaded with me to go to their city and teach). I made the decision believing it was the right one, but with real sadness and regret in my heart.
As well as the awesome privilege to invest into hundreds of people’s lives and then see them invest into potentially ten of thousands of lives I honestly enjoyed travel, even when the flights were long and tiring. I loved travelling but I have never been a sight seer, I would take a camera away with me, and return home without taking even one shot.


I can go without the hassle of air flights, unfamiliar beds, unusual food etc etc.
I began to think of the near 100 people I am praying for daily, and think about their particular place and city and church or ministry.
Each day I am going to Indonesia, to Jakarta, to Bandung, to Surabaya Java), to Sumatra (Medan), to Sulawesi (Gorontalo) and  to Bali. I love Indonesia and am believing for revival there.
Each day I am going to India to a little village and also to one of the largest cities in the nation.
I go to Kiev Ukraine every day (another favourite city) and claim the Lord’s blessing on that city and especially one young man, but also some other strategic churches there.
I go to Taipei Taiwan and pray for 2 young men who are making a mighty difference in that city.
I go to North America, to a town in Canada where a young man is pioneering a church, down into California to another church  plant, to Seattle Washington to another church plant, (and a proposed plant in San Francisco) and down to Miama to another exciting church plant. (with 2 different language congregations).
I go to South America, to Argentina and Brazil to two more exciting growing church plants.
I go to the U.K. to the Shetland Islands and Larbert (Scotland) and pray for two awesome man with anointed ministries, then down into England to 2 large growing churches, and then an old (140+ years)  church that is moving into Renewal. Each are past studnets
I go to Singapore (which was our second home) and pray for a young man and his church, then up the Peninsula to Malaysia and to some  choice ministries and churches , and onto Thailand where more fine men are serving the Lord, I see a river of blessing flowing down thru the Peninsula right from Chiang Mai to Singapore Hallelujah.
I think of the three Indo China countries, and think of a man who is serving in Laos (a closed communist country) and constantly seeing people come to the Lord. I see Cambodia, and the growing churches that I have had the privilege of ministering  in throughout the nation, and on into Vietnam (where I went 32 times) and pray for numerous Pastors and Teachers and other Apostolic ministries that are impacting the nation.
I travel to Kenya, and Ghana and Burundi, and claim like Reinhard Bonkke to see hell plundered and Heaven populated. These men chose me I did not choose them,  and I am humbled to partner with them in prayer.
I think of Israel today, and go to Tel Aviv where a past student is pioneering a dynamic church, today is Yom Kippur a Day of Repentance (Day of Atonement) I pray for the peace of Jerusalem praying the day will be soon when many Jews will be saved as prophesied in the Scriptures.
I think of Europe, and some exciting things are happening there, but also a continent in much darkness, In October we celebrate 500 years since the Reformation was birthed by Martin Luther nailing his theses to the church in Wittenburg, Europe NEEDS ANOTHER REFORMATION. There are some exciting “hotspots” I am praying for, in Switzerland, in Germany, In Denmark, and Sweden, awesome lights in the darkness of Europe
I come back to Australia and intercede for many servants of the Lord both Australian and Asian who are serving here, I want to believe in the midst of the wickedness here we will truly see a mighty revival.
I love Ruth Heflin”s song:
I ask for the nations I call them by name, I present them to the Father in Jesus Name.
May she not be found naked, may she not be ashamed when she stands before Thee on that great Judgement Day.
So I am still travelling, without  the packing and unpacking, and lengthy flights and the missing of family and loved ones.  Thank you Lord.
Thank you Jesus for whispering this into my heart today. It comes as a special blessing to me.