6 October 2017


By John Ollis

The house (our body) that we live in has 5 senses, seeing, hearing, touching tasting and smelling, and with these five senses we interact with our world. When we are born again, there comes the opportunity to develop our 5 spiritual senses. I guess  this is another reason why Biblical Discipleship is so important to help a new Believer develop these). Our natural senses are important to us, but of course can cause us major problems. Do you remember the chorus we sang in Sunday School?
“Watch your eyes (ears) what they see (hear), there’s a Father up above, looking down in tender love, Watch your eyes (ears) what they see (hear)”. As an example there is a growing scourge of Internet Pornography that is infecting many Believers (not just young people), and this will suck the very spiritual life out of a person, and cause tremendous damage to a person’s life, and in their future marriage. A married Christian man said to me one day, “after I have watched pornography, I am not interested in my wife”. As far as hearing is concerned, I literally cringe when I hear swearing, and cursing and taking the Lord’s Name in vain, sadly many Christians don’t seem to think twice about swearing these days. It is not only what you hear, BUT WATCH YOUR SPEECH CHRISTIAN!!!!!!!
Now let’s look at our spiritual senses Paul tells us in Eph. 1;18 ” The EYES of your understanding being enlightened; that you may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints”. NKJV  Jesus said we need to “Lift up your (our) EYES and look at the fields, for they are already white to harvest,” John 4:35 NKJV.
If we look at our world with our natural eyes we will become discouraged and disillusioned, but as we let Jesus  improve our spiritual sight we will see the world as Jesus sees it, and will start confessing and believing for revival in our day.
I love Isaiah 30:21 where the Prophet says “You will HEAR a word behind you saying “this is the way walk in it” NKJV. Not a natural voice, but hearing God’s voice speaking to us.
Can you relate to Elijah”s words to Ahab “For there is a sound of abundance of rain” 1Kings 18:41. Elijah was listening with his spiritual ears.
Do you have a TASTE and hunger for the Word of God? So many Believers suffer with anorexia nervosa!!!  no appetite for the things of God.
Do you want to reach out and TOUCH the Lord? As you reach out and touch Him HE WILL TOUCH YOU AND YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN.
Can you SMELL  the fragrance of the Lord’s presence?  Many years ago we used to sing a chorus that expresses this thought so well HIS NAME IS AS OINTMENT POURED FORTH. In Lev 21:18 KJV tells us a Priest with a flat nose is disqualified from ministry because of there inability to smell effectively, Many Believers  need a nose job!!
I have said all the above as my spiritual sight and hearing have been especially activated in relation to the prayer ministry I am now involved in.
I am daily praying for 2 young men one  in the North of Thailand in Chiang Mai, and another in Sitiawan in Northern West Malaysia, and flowing from Chiang Mai, I see a river of revival and blessing flowing down through Thailand and into Malaysia and right down the Peninsula to Johor Bahru, so as well as praying for these two men and their churches and their ministries, I am praying for revival throughout that region. When you start to see something in the Spirit, you can’t help but get excited and want to co-operate with the Lord to see it come to pass.
I am praying for a man in Vientiane Laos (a closed communist country),also for some men in Phnom Penh Cambodia , and some men in Vietnam, this time I see a horizontal line across those three Indo China countries, and again I see the Holy Spirit moving in a remarkable way. In the late  1980’s I stood on a bridge in Mai Sai in North West Thailand and looked into Myanmar and began to weep for that country, on my return home, as I prayed for Myanmar, a burden came on me for the 3 Indo China countries (I have visited these nations Cambodia & Vietnam many times) but feel afresh the burden I had for these nations and SEE in the Spirit the spirits behind Communism and Buddhism being driven back and Jesus being declared THE LORD OVER THESE INDO CHINA NATIONS.
The other phenomenal  thing that has happened in the last few weeks, is the number of ministries from Africa, countries like Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Burundi, and Zambia have contacted me seeking prayer, I have no idea how they got my name, (I believe it is the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in my eyes).
I am reminded of Reinhard Bonnke’s ministry at Hillsong Conference quite some years ago when he preached on a “BLOOD WASHED AFRICA”,  and the need to PLUNDER HELL AND POPULATE HEAVEN. Because it is not an accident these ministries have contacted me, I am praying for a heaven sent revival to this continent in this generation.
So my friends, how are your spiritual senses?
Do you need your eyes opened?
Do you need your ears unblocked?
Do you need your appetite improved?
Do you need your sense of touch healed?
Do you need your flat nose changed?