9 October 2017

AN UPDATE 10/10/17

By John Ollis

There is so much happening (and going to happen in the next few weeks) I thought I had better let you know where we are at today.
Firstly, the Lord’s blessing and presence has been awesomely amazing (is that good English) for which I say A BIG THANK YOU to the Lord, The older one gets, the more you are aware of how unworthy you are of all God’s blessings upon your life. I read a statement in a FB profile this morning of a new church planter that I am praying for.


What a glorious Salvation we have, I get overwhelmed as I begin to meditate  on God’s fantastic plan. prepared in eternity past, long before Adam & Eve were created and sinned, and fulfilled in the death and resurrection of the Lamb of God, the Lord Jesus Christ and became experiential for me personally 66 years ago, and continues daily as I come into His presence, and claim forgiveness for any sin I have committed since last I spent time in prayer.

The Prayer Ministry continues to expand at a tremendous pace (I can hardly keep up with it), and as I have said previously, I am not looking for people and ministries to pray for, they are coming to me. I am very thankful that most of the time my mind is very clear, and  thank God He helps me to concentrate in prayer.
We have received word early this morning that one of Margaret’s cousins (a lovely Christian lady) has gone to be with the Lord after contracting cancer, she was almost 79 years old. So we will have a 200+kms drive to attend the funeral, and then will go on and have a few days holiday before arriving in Sydney to spend sometime with our children and grand children. Our eldest son will be singing in a lead role of a  production of Godspell and we want to be there to attend. We will also catch up with numerous friends amnd worship with our family at Hillsong church (Hills)
A lovely lady in our Village passed away recently and her funeral is tomorrow. Another lady from church also went to be with the Lord recently, she and her husband had been Salvation Army officers, and also spent a number of years in the U.S. ministering in Holiness churches, she was in her late 80’s. Her Thanksgiving Service is taking place this Sunday afternoon.
On Thursday this week I have an appointment with a surgeon, as I have developed “carpel tunnel syndrome” and require surgery, so our time in Sydney will depend on a surgery date back here in the Latrobe Valley.
So life is very busy and fulfilling, so if I am not on line very much for the next few weeks, you will understand.
We would appreciate your prayers regarding our travels and surgery. Thank you for your love and friendship, it is very much appreciated.