10 April 2018

Daily & regular praying in tongues

By John Ollis

When I realised my public ministry was basically coming to an end, I started to pray and ask the Lord to give me another ministry that I could fulfil. After a few months I clearly recognised the Lord was leading me into an Intercessory Ministry. Simultaneously something else happened, supernaturally I started to receive many more FB friendship requests from especially young ministries in Asia and Africa. I had NOT spoken to anyone and  mentioned the new direction the Lord was leading me into. There are now close to 400 ministries and people that I am now partnering with in prayer, what a privilege and joy it has become, praise the Lord. I may not be travelling overseas now, but in prayer I am going all around the world.
I ask a number of questions before I accept their request, as sadly the motivation of some is more finance than spiritual. I also ask them if they have a “Prayer Language” and if they do, do they use it much. I ask these questions  to ascertain if the Pentecostal/Charismatic  move of God has touched their area. I also want to know if the group they belong too encourages the regular daily use of praying in tongues.
Sadly, in so many places in the Pentecostal/Charismatic movements to speak in tongues has been the goal, and not the GATEWAY, this was my personal experience nearly 60 years ago, perhaps it was just ASSUMED that I would use it regularly .
A quality young African Ministry contacted me this week, and asked me this question:


I was aware that he had come from a Muslim background and did not want to encourage some legalistic period of time or how often in a day one should pray in tongues. I talked about QUALITY as opposed to QUANTITY, but went on and said this to him.


That at any time we can get alone with the Lord and use our prayer language. I have talked previously, about the importance of edifying ourselves through praying in tongues, as Paul exhorts us to do in 1 Cor. 14, and in Intercession when we don’t know how to pray again as Paul exhorts us in Romans 8.
I am very aware that this blog is very much a repetition of previous teachings , but sadly, it is “tell me the story often for I forget so soon”. I regret the years I did not use my prayer language regularly, and am now “fanatical” about the “private” and “personal” use of tongues.
So, as you are reading this blog today, don’t think ho hum, but let the Holy Spirit challenge and encourage you to use your prayer language, REGULARLY AND DAILY.
I guarantee on the authority of the Word of God, you will never have regrets. God bless you, and have a fantastic week,