4 October 2018


By John Ollis

I posted on Facebook yesterday these words:



Let me give you some back ground, we have lived in this town for some nine and a half years, although no longer in a formal Pastoral Ministry role I was asked to join the weekly Ministers Fellowship, which is made up of all Evangelical (but not Pentecostal Ministers). It is an excellent fellowship meeting, I am fully accepted by them, even though I am unashamedly Pentecostal (but I trust they believe my Theology is balanced).A local Pentecostal Pastor (who did not attend the Ministers Fellowship) asked me if I would Mentor his Leaders, which I did for quite some time, he also felt to start a local Bible School and I was the main teacher, both these activities continued until I had some health issues and had to conclude. This Pastor is now retired, but we still meet for coffee and fellowship. This ministry concluded probably 5 years ago.
His successor (out of the blue, or was it God?) phoned about 2 months ago, and asked me to speak at their Monthly Leaders Meeting, and around the same  time the local Presbyterian Minister called me and asked if I would speak at his monthly  Sunday evening service. This blew me away as Pentecostal Ministers do NOT often speak in Presbyterian churches. I am sure after all the years of meeting weekly he had assessed my overall Theology and ethics.
Both the Sunday night service and the Leaders Meeting went very well, I was very conscious of the Lord’s blessing and anointing as I ministered. A young man (39) sat next to me in the Leaders Meeting, I had mentored him previously, at the end of the meeting he asked me if we could start meeting again, as my ministry to him had effected and impacted him so much, he wanted to start again, he has another friend a Leader who could want to start meeting with me too,
Our Pastor’s wife has to undergo surgery in the next short while, and I will be preaching 4 times in about 6 weeks. Is all the above coincidental?? I don’t believe so,  my readers know that Biblical Discipleship and Mentoring are the constant burden on my heart, and although I can do some through my Blogging Ministry, the ideal is FACE TO FACE.
I did nothing to engineer the above, but sincerely believe the Lord has brought it all to pass. You know I celebrated my 77th birthday last month, and my physical strength is lessening, but God has not finished with me yet, so with the Blogging and Intercessory Ministry, the Lord is keeping me busy Praise the Lord.
I ask for your prayer support, that the Mentoring and Preaching will impact and bless many for the glory of God and the extension of the Kingdom of God Amen.