25 February 2019


By John Ollis

I received an email from a missionary friend based in Hong Kong for many years, he regularly goes into China and shared some interesting facts about how China is becoming a world leader in technology. For example, China has basically become a “cashless society” you cannot buy a bowl of rice for cash anymore, but must use your smart phone or smart watch. Even beggars cannot receive cash any more. In relation to facial recognition again they are leaders. In Shenzen recently some people jaywalked across the road, and by the time they had reached the other side, their names were flashed on a screen informing them they had broken the law. The government has already installed 170 million cameras and another 400 million will be installed by the end of 2020. A terrorist was arrested at a rock concert his face was identified in a crowd of 60000.The Chinese government want to be able to identify every citizen within 3 seconds!!!! I have checked this all out from other genuine sources I have and all confirm the above is 100% correct.

At 77+ I can’t keep up with all these advances, how much more can be developed? There are so many positive things about computers and internet, but the above is scary.

Is this yet another sign of the Lord’s soon? I do not know, but let us continue to have that “HOPE” in our hearts that Jesus is coming soon, and continue to prepare our hearts to be part of that chaste Bride for our Bridegroom Amen