25 February 2019


By John Ollis

We drove to Melbourne Sunday afternoon after preaching in the morning and settled into a motel to prepare for Margaret’s admission this morning to hospital for her Pacemaker replacement. We checked in on time, but the Cardiologist has some emergencies so her operation is taking place as I write this. I have brought my laptop and hope to write a few blogs that are burning in my heart. I wrote in a brief update whilst in Sydney, that I felt I was experiencing a particular season in the purposes of God. I have been very conscious of the Lord’s presence in my life, but also a real attack of the evil one on my mind. I have been praying for some time the Lord would do a sanctifying work in a particular area of my life. So I think I have helped to activate this season. I wrote that I was failing far more than winning. In another context I mentioned in another brief blog I wrote in Sydney that I have been impacted by the writings recently of a man who is recognised as a Prophet here in Australia. He has also written some great teaching in relation to the above situation I have been experiencing. I am writing this blog not only to say I have had an awesome breakthrough, but that the keys I will briefly share will perhaps help you, or you can use them to help someone else.

1.Identify the root cause, remember God is Omniscient He knows and He wants us to face up to the cause of our problem.

2. Humble yourself before God under God’s mighty hand, which means to REPENT and turn around.

3. Take authority over it IN JESUS NAME.

4. Deliberately seek to renew your mind, and restore your soul.

5. Stop behaving like a loser, and walk in your inheritance as a New Testament .

You may say there is nothing new in those keys and you are right, but it is only as you take a stand and appropriate what the Word of God says that you will move to a new level of victory and purity and holiness.


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