1 April 2019


By John Ollis

The response to this series of blogs has for me been overwhelming, according to FB well over 1000 have read them, and my WordPress stats. tell me that those who read them through WP came for 14 different countries, I am humbled and thankful for this response, sadly, I think it also indicates the lack of teaching and Biblical Discipleship given to new Believers around the world on the fact that God has made available to us a complete set of armour, (from the day we are born again) that we must recognise when we come under attack which piece of armour we need (it is exclusively ours) and PUT IT ON, and use it and Paul tells us that only then can we stand and win the victory over the evil one.

I need to go on and say there is one area of the Roman soldier’s body that is not protected by armour, and that is the back, as THERE MUST BE NO RETREATING FROM THE ENEMY, but we must stand and fight, and the Word of God guarantees us victory if we are obedient to the Lord and His Word.

Twice a month some of the men from our local church meet for coffee and fellowship and I am invited to bring a short devotional, I spoke on this theme today and the response was very interesting. All the brothers were 70+, they had all heard teaching in a class and preaching from the pulpit on the Whole Armour of God, but none had ever had anyone walk with them long enough for the truth to become a personal revelation to them, and consequently it was literally many years before they moved to a higher level of victory, sadly, this is what I assumed would be the case, as that has always been, the general practice in Evangelical and Pentecostal churches. The mindset has always been that preaching and teaching was good enough, and of course Pastors did not have the time to walk with individuals, we need Pastors and leaders to raise up a team/s of “BUDDIES” (Disciplemakers) to see that every Believer knows what their inheritance is in Christ, and to see that it is practically working in their lives. AMEN