15 May 2019


By John Ollis

I love travel, and have sure done a lot of it, much of it for Ministry, but in the last say twenty years, we have also had some lovely holidays as well, I don’t mind being a Tourist, but I am not much into sightseeing really, and years ago stopped even taking a little digital camera with me. I have also not forgotten, a statement I read that said “some travelling ministries seem to have a larger camera than their Bible”. Some people have added up all the km’s they have travelled, I wish I had done that, when you think of 32 trips to Vietnam, probably 200 trips to Singapore/Malaysia, and numerous trips to Eastern Europe to Tallin Estonia, Kiev Ukraine and Moscow Russia, as well a number of trips to the U.K. and the U.S. and the Pacific. Those days of international travel are now virtually over for me, yet, I am travelling more today than I have ever travelled. No, it is not “Philip’s Transport”, but in Intercessory Prayer. I seek to visit every continent at least once every week, and some regions, like Australia and South East Asia most days.

Prayer has always been important to me, but with all my Ministry travels, I more often had to seek out others who would pray for me and my family and the ministry. Now that physical travel is over, I am humbled and privileged to spend time daily praying for others. In January 1987, the Lord led us into Bible College Ministry, and I have literally had the opportunity to meet tens of thousands of students and invest in their lives, (some classes would have 300+ students) they are from every continent on the globe (except Antarctica) I sure did not realise that the burden for Discipleship and Mentoring which was on my life so many years before would have the result it has. I am now in regular contact with I guess hundreds of these past students (social media can be such a blessing) some now in very exciting and fruitful ministries, and I have the privilege of partnering with them in prayer.

To those who will read this blog, may I also have the privilege of praying for you. You could email me on [email protected] or my WhatsApp no. is +61 417 458 230, tell me a little about yourself and your prayer request/s, and also your praise notes so I can rejoice with you when God answers prayer.

I look forward to hearing from you.