23 February 2020


By John Ollis

I thoroughly enjoyed writing my last blog, which was primarily about RESTORATION THEOLOGY, my readers know that it is a favourite subject of mine. Most Christians are very aware of what we call the Reformation, and the awesome truths that God restored to the Church after they had been lost for hundreds of years. Many are not aware that God has continued to restore truth to His Church, (as I wrote in my blog) and at times the Holy Spirit has felt to re-emphasise truths that the Church needed to be reminded off. As the hymn writer wrote “Tell me the story often for I forget so soon”.
The last major truths God has restored to the Church have come in the last 100+ years with what is sometimes called the PENTECOSTAL REVIVAL, (These Restoration  truths have changed the face of Christendom)  that Believers can and must be must be filled with the Holy Spirit (and learn to be continually filled Eph.5:18) and that all the many Gifts of the Holy Spirit has been restored to the Church, including the truth that Believers can and should speak and pray in unknown tongues regularly. I then listed a further number of truths that has been restored or re-emphasised in this last century. Sadly,  many Pentecostals and Charismatics are not even aware of these truths. I will not re-list them here, please read or re-read my blog  where I have listed some please? The title of the blog is OUR GOD IS A GOD OF RESTORATION.
It would seem to me there must also come a much greater understanding of some aspects of truth before the Lord’s return. The very doctrine of Eschatology (last things) for example has so many schools of thought and interpretation, I would like to think the Holy Spirit will give us greater clarification and understanding, on Christ’s return , and there may be other truths in the Word of God that the Holy Spirit wants to re-emphasise and bring to our attention. Please note all truth/s is in the Word of God, and too many  Believers may seem to think that many truths are simply like a rose bud, and don’t realise the Holy Spirit wants to open up that bud, so that  we see the TRUTH IN ALL ITS BLOOM.
In my last blog I made a statement, and I totally know what I mean by it, but to many others of my readers, my statement could conjure up many many things in their mind. I said: I AM UNASHAMEDLY A PENTECOSTAL FOR SOME 60 YEARS.
Let me tell you what it means for me to be a Pentecostal
Most Pentecostals are Arminian in their understanding of Salvation, I have come to see there is much more truth in the Reformed position on Salvation, but of course I am a CONTINUALIST, (not a Cessationist as many Reformed people are I believe the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are still alive and active in 2020. Equally I want to be as evangelistic as Spurgeon when it comes to sharing the Gospel, and praying for the lost.
I have seen many of the extremes and excesses in the Pentecostal Movement, but I REFUSE TO THROW THE BABY OUT WITH THE DIRTY BATHWATER. With God’s help I will seek to HOLD TRUTH IN BALANCE. I seek to use my PRAYER LANGUAGE every day to edify myself as Paul encourages us, and when I do not know how to pray, I let the Holy Spirit pray through me (in tongues) for  the Holy Spirit knows the will of God.
I have also embraced all the truths that have been restored at and    since the Reformation, but also in this last century, again by God’s grace I want these truths, be not theory but EXPERIENTIAL in my life personally.
I am aware of the danger of “settling down” and missing out what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church in the months and years ahead.
A Believer who ENJOYS his Salvation, and seeks to share the “good news”.
A Believer who seeks to live the SPIRIT FILLED LIFE and daily use his PRAYER LANGUAGE.
A Believer who believes we must major on CHARISMA & CHARACTER.
A Believer who seeks to hold TRUTH IN BALANCE, and not “throw the baby out with the dirty bathwater.
A Believer who has “EARS TO HEAR what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church.
I trust this blog will create many questions and comments, you can reply to johnollis.wordpress.com   or [email protected]. or Twitter or Instagram or FB or Messenger ok?