23 February 2020


By John Ollis

My latest blog MY DEFINITION OF A PENTECOSTAL has had a good response already, at least through WP, how many have read it on FB and Twitter I am not sure, and seeing I wrote it over the weekend, many will have not had time to check their apps. yet.
What is a pleasant surprise is that there has not been one negative response or comment to the blog, even though I am very aware that many Christians “hate ” Pentecostals, although in reality what they “hate” is much more the extremes and excesses that have happened under the guise of Pentecostalism  and so do I.
I must admit my definition of a Pentecostal has been developed and born over some 60 years, and there is sure no doubt my Bible training and personal searching has brought me to this position.
I need to say though that as we live in a body filled with emotions, I believe with all my heart, that when the Holy Spirit touches us in some way, there can be some responses like laughing, and crying, shaking,  and many other responses, as we seek to express what we feel, but I am very aware of 1 Cor. 14:32 NKJV the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets. Meaning these responses can and must be controlled. The reality is we cannot build our life or a local church on manifestations. I attended an Anglican church just out of London some years ago, that had been touched by the “Toronto Blessing” in the past, and whenever there was a prayer offered, many in the congregation began to shake their hands “automatically”.
I am very aware that the  points I make at the end of the last blog are very “balanced” but these have been born out of many years of seeking to search the Scriptures, and to make sure my life and lifestyle lined up with the Word of God.
My desire is that I will be a Biblical balanced Pentecostal Christian, living and loving in the Spirit, I trust that is your desire yoo.