23 March 2020

ON LINE CHURCH (Lenten 25)

By John Ollis

I had a very new experience yesterday (Sunday) I had to watch (and seek to participate) in a church service on line. There were a number of services we could have chosen, but we decided to watch “Hillsong on line”. I must say i was greatly blessed as I heard Brian Houston preach the Word. His topic was “The First recorded words of God, Adam and the devil” Brian linked these statements together so well, especially in the light of all that is happening in our world today.
It appears this could be our weekly practice for at least 6 months, so let us  make the most of it while we have too.
“On Line” can never replace the Saints getting together for worship and to hear the preaching of the Word, but I am so glad I am alive in 2020 and we have all this technology available to , so let us make the most of it whilst we have too ok?
Let us pray that every “on line” service will bless many people, and  that many people around the world may come to know Jesus as Saviour and Lord.
Let us remember that God has not been taken by surprise by this pandemic, and He surely has a plan, which much include His creation start to get concerned about their eternal destiny and be convicted of their need of Salvation. Amen