18 January 2021


By John Ollis

I know little abut building things but common sense teaches us that the foundations are really the most important component when you build something. Not only must the foundations be initially strong but need to be checked on from time to time, to see that there is not a potential developing weakness in them that could effect the structure it is built on. We have seen (it seems more of late) that many natural buildings are greatly effected when a storm comes, or a tsunami or a mud slide or whatever hits a building. The news commentators often say, that the cause was either poor construction or inadequate foundations.

Foundations is another word we can use when it comes to Biblical Discipleship, but that is not my blog topic today, except to say that just in the last few days I have again seen the results of the clear lack of Biblical Discipleship in a person, sadly, the response was, “well that is just the way that person was” so sad. The person had made a “decision” for Christ, and started attending a church, and it was “assumed” that she was an “established” believer.

At the beginning of this new year, this is an opportunity for every Believer, to do a “FOUNDATIONS CHECK” , asking the Lord to SEARCH OUR HEART to see if there has been any weakening of the foundations.

We know our biggest enemy is our own sinful nature, that can seek to deceive us (Jer. 17:9)and there can be the temptation to let even little compromises to enter into our thinking and that can effect our Christian lifestyle if we let it.

The evil one, seeks to work 24/7 to undermine our foundations, not only with compromises and lies, but sadly he can use other Believers, and circumstances that can be the cause of hurt and disillusionment, and often unforgiveness in the Believer’s heart. So many of these situations are unjustified, and we can feel we have right to take a stand against the situation, we need to lay it down, and let the Lord be the Justifier, and realise He let it happen for our good (Rom8:28), and we can ever experience HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT IN EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE.

So, I am recommending to you, and to myself, to do a FOUNDATIONS CHECK, to see if there is potential weaknesses in our “foundations”.

The more we know and understand the principles in the Word of God, the easier it is to see if even unwittingly we have permitted something to weaken and erode our spiritual foundations.

This is where the role of a Mentor can be so effective, if we really relate and trust that person, our conversation will start to exhibit this “little fox” that has sought to rob us of our peace and joy.

My readers may feel this is a “negative” blog today, but I encourage you to sit down and give this some thought today,.