19 January 2021


By John Ollis

Over the last few years, I have joined a number of Theological Forums on FB, ranging from Arminian to Pentecostal right through to Hyper Calvinist. I have found most of the posts thought provoking and stimulating and encouraging.

My understanding has sure grown over the years with study in Bible College and my personal time in the Word of God (and relating to numerous Biblical scholars) and the Holy Spirit seeking to lead me into all truth. So, my position on many Theological matters has sure changed considerably over the years.

I guess as a Pastor/Shepherd my burden has and is, will always be to see God’s people grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ especially in their personal development of character and holiness and Christlikeness.

Some of the posts in these Forums have really disturbed me as a percentage of the members, are so fanatical about “their” position, they literally call people who do not hold their position as “false teachers” and heretics, some even saying they cannot possibly be born again. It is the attitude they express and how it is written that has really disturbs me, There is literally not an ounce of love in their declarations.

I posted onb FB today this statement.


Already I have had some comments, some not agreeing with me, and that is fine, but I sincerely think it is extremely inflexible and foolish to not be open to further leading of the Holy Spirit when it comes to our understanding of Truth..

It has been said by greater minds than mine “that many of us may be surprised when we get to heaven to find out what we held so tightly too, was not exactly right”.

I am sure not suggesting we should be gullible and be open to any and every fanciful teaching, what I am suggesting though is that we totally commit to the essential truth that we MUST BE BORN AGAIN AND DEVELOP AN INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE LORD, AND THAT WE MAKE DISCIPLES (not for ourselves) but for THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.

I am sure the enemy is very very happy if he can get Christians to fight and squabble and debate about being Pre-Millennial, or Amillennial, or whether the Rapture takes place before or in the middle or at the end of the Tribulation. I love John’s position in 1 John 3:2-3 that simply if we (like the early Church was encouraged to do) live in the light and hope of Christ’s soon return it has a purifying and sanctifying ministry in our lives

I refuse to sit around and make judgements on whether some one was predestined to become a Christian and others were predestined to hell, although Spurgeon for example was a Calvinist, his attitude was “Until I know every name that is written in the Lamb’s Book of life I will witness to everyone I possibly can”, that is my attitude as well.

I will say again Doctrine is important, and progressively the Holy Spirit wants to lead us (if we are willing) into all Truth, but I consider it more important that we are CHRIST CENTRED & NOT DOCTRINE CENTRED.

I look forward to your comments and response.