12 June 2021


By John Ollis

I said in my last blog that I refuse to get into theological arguments regarding doctrine, neither will I will I get into taking a stand on non theological issues that are or have become a political issue. We hear for example almost every day about global warming and climate change, I am sure much of the science is correct, but I also think the enemy likes to get his grubby hands on these sort of issues and cause division and strife between people and nations.

I have said all the above as in our area there has been in these past few days out of the ordinary rain falls and massive flooding that has caused the authorities to order people to evacuate. There has also been 2 deaths, and massive damage to houses and vehicles caused by falling trees, and major blackouts that are lasting for days. Many are saying that climate change is the cause, many of the locals say this happens every few years.

There is a principle in Scripture of “first the natural, then the spiritual”, then our Sovereign Lord wants to use this catastrophe for us to seek the Lord, and if needs be repent and pray the Lord would POUR OUT THE RAIN OF THE HOLY SPIRIT UPON US, and for us to see an end-time revival and Jesus break through the clouds and return for His Church.

It may not be rain and floods in your area, but see what ever negative things are happening in your world, the Lord is not surprised He has permitted it for a purpose, and let us pray and believe together, that the Lord’s will shall be done and His Name glorified amen.