20 August 2021


By John Ollis

When you get to my age, it is easy to recognise the various transitions one goes through in their lifetime. For example, naturally, from Childhood, to teenager (puberty) adulthood, marriage, parenting, grandparenting, then finally the senior years.

Spiritually, Before Christ comes into our life, then the born again life, the growing in grace life, embracing the calling and ministry God gives us, and then the transitions in ministry, in my case Pastoral, to a Teaching/Pastoral life, the Mentoring role, the Itinerating role, then from mostly a public ministry to a more private ministry which primarily embraces Blogging, Mentoring and Intercessory Prayer Ministry, now I recognise that there is happening in my life a TRANSITION WITHIN THIS (probable) FINAL TRANSITION, that is until “mortal puts on immortality, or corruption puts on incorruption”.

A very dear Ministry friend in the U.K. asked me this week how I was going, my reply went something like this, “I am 80 in a few weeks, I am greatly blest, God, is so good, BUT, I am not enjoying the aging process. He replied back to me immediately “Moses moved into a greater and more fruitful ministry when he was 80”. I believe sincerely God was speaking to me through him, and I have made the decision, that by “the Grace of God” I am going to transition into a more fruitful effective ministry. My birthday is September 8, so these next 19 days are going to be day of preparation to prepare myself for this transition.

Moses lived for 120 years, it has been said that for the first 40 years Moses learned how to be somebody, the next 40 years Moses learnt how to become a nobody, the next 40 years Moses learnt that he could speak face to face with God as a man speaks to his friends, and led the Children into the promised Land. I want this NOBODY TO PUT THE SPOTLIGHT ON OUR GLORIOUS GOD.

I am praying there will be a greater anointing and encouragement in my blogs, that my Readers will hear from the Lord, and what is written will help them to move to a new level of relationship with the Lord. I am hoping to announce in the next couple of weeks the birth of my own web site that will make it easier for people to find my blogs and to be in more regular contact..

Via WhatsApp this morning I had a choice time of sharing with a young Asian Pastor, and believe the Lord used me to speak into his life, without any encouragement from me, he re-affirmed his commitment to meet regularly with me, so he can continue to move forward in fulfilling the Purposes of God in his life.

My very last blog was again about Prayer, and if ever there was a time we needed to reach out to the Lord IT IS NOW. Everywhere we turn there are needs I sure want to learn to “wrestle with God” more, on behalf of the nations, and the Lord’s Church around the world, especially those nations where I have personally had the privilege to minister, and for the many 100’s of ministries that I know, many previously been my students in the various Colleges and Schools I have had the opportunity to teach in.

I said earlier, this is my “last transition” I may be wrong, as I will not limit the Lord in any way, but as I prepare and move into this transition within a transition, will you pray with me please, that there will be MUCH FRUIT ALL FOR HIS GLORY AMEN.