29 December 2021


By John Ollis

In just over 2 days, 2021 will be gone, and we stand at the door of a NEW YEAR. What a year 2021 has been, with the worst pandemic in a hundred years, that took the lives of many millions of people, plus floods and droughts, earthquakes, and calamity after calamity.

Speaking personally, I turned 80 early in September this year has really been the first year that I have really fully started to feel the effects of aging, you never think of aging when you are young, and death is never in your thinking. The reality is that our bodies are wearing out. I thank God for these past 80 years, and especially the past 70 years that I have been born again and had the awesome privilege of being called into ministry as a teenager, and was able to serve the Lord full time for so many years, at least 55+ years, that were filled with much blessing and I trust much fruitfulness for the Kingdom of God.

Physically, I am aging, but I thank God for His work of grace in my life in this past year, public ministry has been reduced almost to zero, but there is still much opportunity to spend quality time in Intercession, blogging and some Mentoring via social media.

This year, the Lord has quickened His Word to my heart over and over again, and expanding my understanding on so many aspects of truth. We made a major decision to move to another church especially because of all the truth the Lord has been putting into my heart, and we have never been happier or more more fulfilled in serving in a local church, not as a Minister/Elder, but simply serving with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

What of 2022, I of course do not know what the future holds, like the Apostle Paul, we long to go and spend eternity with the Lord, but until then I am continuing to pray that my days will be fruitful and ever effective for the Lord and His Kingdom. Would you pray with me, that I will clearly hear and see the Lord’s leading and seek to fulfil it with all my heart?

I pray that 2022 will be filled with much blessing, and increase, and the Lord meets your every need according to His riches in Christ jesus,