12 July 2013


By John Ollis

I have been so encouraged by the comments and responses to my recent blogs, plus the numerous “likes” from many Facebook friends. Thank you, please keep them coming, I sincerely believe this is very much the Lord’s will in this season of my life.

We thank God He has given us both the Bible which is so full of truths, and the Holy Spirit who Jesus said would lead us into all truth. I am sure your experience will tell you that God reveals truth progressively to us personally just as He did since the Reformation. Many of you are for example today now a part of a Charismatic church, or at least Charismatic in experience because when the truths of renewal were shared with you, and after searching the scriptures you embraced the truths and the experience. You may have seen the “dirty bath water” (or at least heard about it) but saw the reality and rejected the extreme but embraced the “baby” and moved into a blessed experience in God.

Sadly, every truth can be abused or taken to extremes (as mentioned in a recent blog) we need wisdom and guidance as to not to get into error. My challenge to you is never say:

I don’t believe it,

It is not our tradition,

I have heard about or personally had a bad experience with it,

Wipe your hands of it like Pilate,

I will lose friends if I embrace this truth.


A proper evaluation in the light of the Word of God, and be mature enough to embrace it.

Embrace one truth at a time, Solomon said (Prov.23.23) But the truth and sell it not. It is so interesting that Paul says we must put on the belt or skirt of truth (around our loins).Naturally speaking  our balance  is so dictated from our hips area, this is so significant, that Paul said place truth here, May the Lord help us to hear what He saying to us, embrace it, and to hold it in balance and see it as the next part in God is using to bring us to maturity.

BALANCE        BALANCE       BALANCE        BALANCE       BALANCE       

If I have learned anything from my Mentor it is to hold truth in balance.

God is still restoring truth to His Church (it is there in the Word of God) but we must have “ears to hear and hearts to respond”. I trust you are glad to be alive in 2013 and see and experience all that God is doing in this day. We could so easily major on the negatives, but there are so many positives that are happening in the Body of Christ. Some of you I believe will see Jesus break through the clouds and “corruption will put on  incorruption,  mortality shall put on immortality and so shall we ever be with the Lord. We truly “have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this”.

There is so much more I could say about this piece of armour, some aspects of this will develop as we continue on through the Whole Armour of God.