17 July 2013


By John Ollis

Have you ever heard a series of preaching OR teaching on “The whole armour of God”? Or how long is it since you did ?

Although the teaching is really basic discipleship for the new believer, it is something we need to be reminded of regularly, as we are in a war, and there is no holiday from this war, it will go on until we die or until Jesus returns and we  go to be with Him.

Some Christians have been kept in ignorance regarding the inheritance we have as believers, I do not want to stand before the Lord on that day knowing that I have not preached “the whole counsel of God”.

Would you agree that the generation in which we live seems to be more wicked and evil than ever before? The bible says “as in the days of Noah so shall it be in days of the coming of the Lord”. Technology is a blessing but it has become a curse to so many and caused many to be trapped by sin.

In this generation the church is working so hard on being contemporary, relevant and cutting edge, and that is good, but I see the real dangers of cutting corners  in discipleship and reducing it to a 4-6 hour course, where in reality Discipleship/Mentoring is for LIFE. In my generation there was too much emphasis on external Christianity, and this generation has reacted to all the ‘thou shall nots” again rightly so, but unless we are really careful we start to compromise on lifestyle and behaviour and potentially dilute the power of the Gospel to set people free and cause them to live holy, victorious, pure lives.

I trust this series with the others on prayer, protecting the mind, finding the will of God  have all been a blessing to you, please let me know. Next week we start on what I consider a very important series “BUILDING ACCORSDING TO THE PATTERN”.