22 July 2013


By John Ollis

The great Theologian Augustine of Hippo (354-430) made this statement

The New (Testament) is in the Old (Testament) concealed

The Old (Testament) is in the New (Testament) revealed.

Have you ever asked the yourself the question, “Why didn’t God send Jesus to decome the saviour for our sins when Adam  Eve sinned ? God wanted to reveal truth slowly but surely to His people over 4000 years.

God raised up a special people (The jews)

God raised up special Leaders (Abraham, Isaac Jacob)

God raised up Moses to lead the Jews out of Egypt

God told Moses to Build a Tabernacle

God introduced the The Three great Feasts (Passover, Pentecost & Tabernacles).

God introduced The Five Offerings

God raised up Prophets

God raised up Priests

God raised up Kings

God entered into numerous Covenants with the jews


Gal. 4.4 When the fulness of the time had come God sent forth Jesus.

Not a minute early or a minute late at exactly the right time He came, and all the revealed truths listed above found their fulfilment in the Lord Jesus Christ. What a privileged people we are to be alive in this gernation and be able to look back and see and understand Augustine’s profound statement.

God said to Moses Ex. 26.30 “And you shall build me a Tabernacle according to the pattern which you were shown in the mountain. This was the start of a principle that has flowed down through both the Old & New Testaments.

The first principle we see is that from eternity past God wanted a creation He could relate and commune with. When he created Adam & Eve each evening He came down to fellowship with them. That communion was broken because of their sin. But God did not give up. He said to Moses (Ex. 26.30) I want you build me a House (Tabernacle) that I may dwell in. It had to be build with particular proportions, and specific materials. Moses followed the instructions to the letter. What was the result ?


This was a start of a priciple that we see throughout the Scriptures.


There are too many believers seeking to build their lives  their own way, and not experiencing the blessing of God. There are many churches building their own way, and consequently are not growing.

We will look at the principle for both the individual believer and for churches.

God used the same language to David that he was to build a temple but again it had to be according to the pattern that God gave him. David as a man of war could not build it, so he gave all the instructions to Solomon to build the Temple. What was the result?


The Glory of God was so strong the priests could not stand to minister.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to build my life my way, nor do I want to see churches built man’s way. I want to carry the Glory of God. Do you ?